The snow stopped and the world outside was sunny. For several days, I almost never left home. It was very cold and I had to stay at home. At this moment, I decided to take a walk up the mountain to breathe the fresh air from the pine forest and enjoy the beautiful scenery after the snow in the mountains..     As I walked up the mountain road humming a song, the snow under my feet made a’ wipe’ sound to accompany my ditty.. The warm winter sun shines comfortably on the face. A few puppies ran joyfully from the side. These puppies were enjoying themselves in the snow on the mountain..     The family lives at the foot of the mountain. It is very convenient to go up the mountain.. In recent years, I have moved home several times. The reason is that with the development goal of ” three years of great changes” in the city, the old bungalow can hardly be found in the renovation of the old city.. I am a man who loves mountains, and after selection, I finally live at the foot of the mountain..     In addition to the snowy days, there are many people who go to the mountains to do morning exercises at ordinary times. Most of them go together and are persistent and also go alone. I am one of them.. Everyone regards health as vital.     I’m close to the pine forest. I haven’t visited it less in the past days.. They used to be full of pine nuts, mature and scattered on the ground. I patiently picked up the pine nuts and used them to make pillow cores. It is said that sleeping on the pillow can improve eyesight and improve intelligence.. If we don’t study the curative effect, we will say that the process is also full of interest.. Now, after the snow, I was walking up the paved mountain road. I used to grab small trees or climb rocks along the rugged path, which would consume more physical strength and make me feel more interesting.. The wild jujube trees encountered on the road can still reap a small harvest. I don’t easily climb mountains in this way in snowy days. It’s a man-made lake in front for safety or caution. Actually, it’s not much bigger than a pool of water.. At the same time, a curtain waterfall was built, adding a scenery to the mountain. In summer, a child went there to catch fish and drowned. If I were in front of him, I would do my best to save him. My swimming skills were still excellent. For a long time, my heart would be heavy when I passed by.. After the accident, no water was stored in the pool. Further on is the famous ancient Great Wall. I once walked straight along the Great Wall, and it will not end in a few hours.. The road below the mountain can be seen on the wall, winding its way into the distance. One hundred years ago, this was a famous commercial road leading to Mongolia and used to be a place where merchants gathered.. Later, because the railway was no longer a camel bell, it also lost its former prosperity.. I remember the Russian businessman’s graveyard left on the mountain, which was protected and moved away by their descendants in the 1980s.. I am very familiar with the landscape on the mountain and have deep feelings for the flowers and trees on the mountain..     When I came to a pavilion, I stopped and looked at it from a distance. The view was extremely broad and the city under the mountain had a panoramic view. In the middle of the pavilion was a frozen river, surrounded on three sides by a big river. Such a geographical environment is rare. It is my hometown, a changing city..     A burst of laughter came, and several middle school students came out to watch the snow scene. They also took homemade sledges and played with them, with their voices echoing in the silent valley.. They started to go down the mountain when they were tired of playing, and I followed after them. I could share the joy with them..     If it is a good day tomorrow, I will come again.