I, a chess piece among all sentient beings; A spray in the boundless sea.     He used the pseudonym’ Hao Hao’,’ Hao Hao Ren’,’ Hao Hao Story’. Three lines, there must be a very love name. As far as the heart is concerned, when it comes to generalities, it always wants to be ” a person of the same color, a composition of the same color”. Therefore, I always encourage myself to adopt this identity card..     On weekdays, I like to use some clumsy words and write some words without chapters, feeling the so-called life. In the face of a troubled society, such as’ climbing tiger’ and’ overgrown human relations, there are always some tangles, some frustrations, and sometimes I stare at the sky through the window for the first time, thinking thoughtfully, ” Will God give me a pair of eyes?”? ‘ as the saying goes, 30 and stand. Sigh sad oneself was born in, has more than ten thousand days, has not ” set” what? There are friends occasionally praising a few words, ” Hao Zi’s article is worth seeing.”. ‘ The satisfaction of the heart is like the bursting of shaving cream, which instantly enriches the heart. Can you think about it in a short time in this year of cheap clothing and food for the literati, graffiti can only add a little interest to the space of life. The fear is that you will spend a night studying and smiling at the shallow beauty.. I think it is very difficult.     I remember Japanese writer Murakami Haruki once said,’ You can’t fill your belly if you are brilliant. But as long as you have a keen intuition, you don’t have to worry about not being able to mix up with food.. In a simple sentence, the writer’s ” bad” sex is defined. A keen intuition told me to be a good person and a true person.     It is true that we are not scholars, and it is understandable to recall the past, when we were young, the ” literary dream” also flooded.. Today and yesterday, after the ups and downs of life, the plump’ myth’ tortured has dried up.     In the torrent of life, what is surging is only your shadow and true self, which may be the ” pebble” lying quietly in the corner of the shore with sediment.. Years have baptized your naivety and naivety; Scour the trajectory of your movement, but have you ever thought about it? The original ” sharpness” has long disappeared, ” smoothness” has been interpreted seamlessly by us..     Quiet mind, man is not a sage. nobody is perfect. everybody makes mistake? I think it is necessary to have a clear understanding of our ” past” and ” change it”. To be a decent person, write some essays in peace and contentment. It is also a blessing in life.     Hao Hao shared with all of you the idea of ” being a true person and being a true person”.