Is that you?? Or me. I looked at the dozen pages full of words and searched for a long time.. I can’t find my tears, but I know that I write about the beauty of life, and you are criticizing my troubles.. Is that you?? Or me. The flowers bloom all the way up and down, but I don’t know and you know it. I know how hard it is to hear sad music and tell you not to think, but I don’t think so. You come to my side and smile at me gently, then towards the distant.     This point, what are you doing? Get up, wash, bask in the sun, or inadvertently think of whose face. One day, we couldn’t sit down and think about it. If you like it, I don’t care if you are happy or depressed. Such a small past, how long will it take to struggle inside, but I still comfort myself not to think about it, how silly it is.!     But I want to talk to you about how much I love you in my life, how much I want to put you in my arms and how much I want to ask the world what a hero’s dream is. You don’t say a word, a face of death away, I look uncomfortable. But the closer I get, the more I care about in my heart, the farther I go, the more painful the scar in my heart. Strong you are the faith of my heart. No matter whether it’s hard or rough, please allow me to call you to heaven for the next second..     Past, present and future. Maybe life has already lost its past, now comes too reserved, but the future is so confused. You accompany me in the past, but I am an optimistic person and cherish you deeply. I am extremely optimistic, but I have neglected you in a corner by yourself. I will even say a word to others. No one can control my past. The past is even past, but my future can be controlled by anyone but her.. Is that you?? Or me. Say goodbye to youth long ago, but in the end, it is so plain that it even clears up the old grudges.     Forgive my inner struggle, such as walking on a trail, I will suddenly sing a few songs, but I can’t remember the lyrics. I sing the words I added casually, no matter what others think, I don’t want the past, I want the present strength, no matter what you think, I don’t want to leave, I want the forgiveness I said at that time..     But I want to talk to you. Put down the pen in your hand and we’ll talk about the same kind of love, even your dream that you have always refused to let go. After reading your poem, I always feel that the ending is difficult to tell. Too many beautiful things now seem so messy that they are better than the tension of copying. I tasted your dream and will receive many similar messages. I will not say you or support it, but if one day you have something, I will be obliged to do so..     very good! Isn’t it?     One’s greatest hope is to be faithful to one’s beliefs. Under the old buttonwood tree, you said to me with great inspiration, no matter what, I want to subvert the present life. From then on, I fell in love with your strength, even your temper, occasionally struggling to be thorough.     As if to think about why we live again. Ten years ago, we lived to meet each other. Ten years later, we lived to see how we lived. I don’t have the courage to give up my life for whom, but I know that one day I and you will die together.     But I am writing a love letter to you. I can’t even see the shadow of gorgeous words.. I would even use a word like this to prove my love for you. I am not another person, I am your heart, an ordinary person who has been separated physically and mentally for too long.     Oh, dear! I wrote so much that you will surely think that I wrote it under very sad circumstances. To tell you the truth, I am eating snacks and even laughing happily..     Words are secret. It doesn’t even pay attention to the thoughts of the copywriters. It only looks at the declassification of fate in the blank space..     But I know you, more than know, every second of your time I’m watching, like a peaceful exploration of myself.For example, today, you just made a thorough apology for the perfection of your heart. Maybe it seems a little boring to others, but I know you are giving yourself a summary. Sorry, the pursuit of too much perfection, the initiation of a trivial matter, has totally changed the face of the whole inner world..     Dear, life is like this. There are too many regrets and too many helplessness.. That day you stood on the tall building and looked at the trees on both sides, laughing at me for a while.. You said with a smile, see, under the big tree, always thinking about the beauty of the treetops, you came to the heights and looked up at the treetops, but you never thought about it any more. could this be love? Love is not fantasizing about how beautiful it will be in the future, but thinking about it for no reason when you don’t care about it, and knowing that your heart is missing when you don’t meet each other.. But I know this kind of love is the end of youth. The love in real life is the backing in my heart when things happen, which is called affection. It’s really too good.     I was like peas and carrots with you, still holding hands with my son and getting old with him, or neither side of the sky ever contacted me.. At the moment, I have no scruples. I only have scruples about whether I have loved or not.. But to be honest, I never doubted your feelings, even to a stranger. You will say to me, how could he be a bad man if you look at him so cute?. I even doubt that my scruples are protection for myself, and the best way to protect myself is to be selfish, even if you deceive yourself and others..     Never thought about where to find the beauty of life, because it was casual! Just like the love letter I chose to give you, I think you are boring to play with your mobile phone. I dare not disturb you to dream about words. I even became an article to write down your boredom because of an impulse to kill you..     Always be kind to yourself. As a consolation to myself in writing, I searched for the answer and planned my life perfectly with the defiant as usual.. What is close to the truth is just too much regret in life. I say nothing, say nothing and do nothing, but I still have a stubborn heart sitting there. That’s not a peaceful choice. I don’t care about other people’s abandonment or anyone’s pointing. I know that when dealing with life, your world has already been filled with helplessness.. So what, what, shouldn’t be so impulsive, because impulsive will only make you more sad.     But honey, I need to talk to you. The year 2014 is coming to an end. You asked me if I would like to have a summary. This is the 23rd year I’ve been with you. I’ve never seen you say this to me so seriously.. As time went by, Baiju passed through the gap and read these words carefully, but he didn’t like them to be added to his articles.. I didn’t answer you, maybe we are the past, in front of the reality, there is no past and future, still full of contradictions within ourselves, thinking about how to live well. In front of a second, your life is rotating in the present and past cycles. There is no need to give a big or small answer to the past, as long as you know, it is already very beautiful..     I know, I even painted the future with a pen. God, please forgive me for my vulgarity, rely on my life closely, turn love into determination to inspire, but secretly have no courage to myself.. In fact, where there are so many great principles in life, the greatest principle is the secret of living well. Can be a word, a person, a book, a dream, a pursuit, can be a dream, a death, an ignorance, a infatuation, a lifetime without demand. Your own courage has long been tied to the truth of life. When you walk on the road, don’t you think about what makes you close to the ground? You will only take it for granted, but also because of it, you will have a life-long grudge..     Is to talk about how to love. Many people take questions in their lives and ask others for answers, but finally they can’t find out why. After all, calm down and think about the result of love, the process of love and the joy of first meeting. But I want to say to you, don’t take love for granted, then you will not recognize yourself and how you let me walk into your heart. We both belong to this world and also to the underworld. We originally came to this world to find it. Living is an unknown quantity, but dying is the answer to it..     Why should we be so devoted and indifferent to others? Each of us, every time, will think that we are so sincere to others, but actually we are so selfish that we overreach..     Love is a slow journey. Don’t have any emotional color, don’t be stupid, don’t take it for granted, don’t be indifferent, don’t be indifferent, just walk like this to see what will happen?     But no one can shake the beauty of the future! I can only think like this. There is no need to publicize anything. We are all selfish, aren’t we? Because we get up tomorrow morning and walk on the road, we will take it for granted.     Let me end with one of your poems! Perhaps this is just a lost path in life, and whether it will become a good fragment after that lies in itself, not others.     Along the way, in a hurry and haste, he left tears and pretended to be indifferent. He looked through thousands of volumes of books to find peace in his young dreams. It was too cold to solidify his eyes.. I sing loudly one by one, but I want to grow up and look at the paradise of adults when I am not by my side and you will have a quick understanding after a decade.. In this way, my youth and I have cleared up the old grudges, took the shadow of not saying a word and walked alone on the road. I am not alone. I like to walk alone, and no one can fathom the heart. The original is just plain delusion, is there any despair that comes in a hurry next?.