Calm and calm as the wind, the West Lake without iron fence is already cool but not cold. It is afraid to sit on the high pavilion and there is no cold because the spring water ripples and the willow branches are swaying. Moreover, the park is full of tourists who have nothing but complaints and regrets, or at least, here, nothing but a quiet place, no complaints and no hatred, the wind is free and unfettered, swinging, willow and spring water, and the sun is shining, bright and bright, with pine trees forming a shade, within the corridor, yin and yang are clear and clear, and clear and clear like dry Kun gossip, meaningful, reaching the lofty goal of night, and the deep black promise of the earth..   Outside the fence wall not far from here, cars are speeding up. What about the office? Or for family, for business, for boredom? I don’t know why, in my opinion, it is not only the coolness and freedom of spring water but also the anxiety and sadness that always flow, because I am already walking outside the iron fence in the morning, thinking about the changes of personnel at the end of the day and considering the whole unit, just because of the adjustment of nearly 300 personnel, I am looking for a new turning point, at least not to be eliminated..   A look at the unit shows that more than one person thinks like this, the orchid or Chinese flowering crabapple in the dark or bright office upstairs and downstairs are no longer noticed by anyone, but are serious, scared and resentful everywhere.. He shook his head and smiled, waved or whispered a greeting, walked through the dark corridor and came out.   On the east side of the West Lake Park, under the warm lee of spring, there were crowded tables of cards, and more complicated and mediocre crowds of onlookers than those who couldn’t see the stone tables and the mystery of card management.. Of them, how many were promoted from entry to transfer? Now they are focused on these games. They are fearless in winning and losing up and down. Lunch is taken care of. Everything has been taken off and only a healthy old age has passed.. I hurried past them and raised my head to see peach blossoms full of trees, which were developed under spring scenery without saying a word, so that Changfeng fluttered around..   I also know that some people inside and outside the fence will ignore the existence of the fence, and will have no contact, no intention of going or staying, no sorrow or no joy, because he does not have that fence in his heart, or later, he will know that the fence does not exist and is just a dummy.. Mirror is not Taiwan, where still dust, good.