On July fifteen, I came to wangfu town central primary school in Dianbai district of Maoming with expectation and fear, hoping to quickly meet the students I want to teach, get along with them harmoniously and bring them joy like a close friend.. At the same time, I also hope to help them solve their learning problems. On the evening of fifteen, I carefully prepared my lessons. As that sentence said, what you know may not be able to speak out, what you can speak out may not be able to hear clearly, and what you can speak clearly may not be able to speak well.. On July 16, I finally met the lovely and lively students. When I first started to contact each other, they were still a little stiff. However, after everyone introduced themselves, they became familiar with each other.. The course is about to begin. I stood on the platform and looked at dozens of young faces. I was really nervous.. Fortunately, I first became familiar with the procedure to be followed, and my heart gradually calmed down. After a brief introduction, I started the course until class was over. In order to live up to the trust of the students, we will try our best to prepare lessons and only give students an interesting lesson.. At the end of the class, communicate with students in time and try to tell them better and better. Today is the 17th and the second day of teaching here. During the whole day, I didn’t arrange to attend classes. However, although I couldn’t give classes to students, I could accompany them to classes.. So, I sat at the back of the classroom and attended the class with the lively and lovely students.. Most importantly, I can also learn something from the course of teaching partners. In these two days, I found that the children here are hardworking and hard working and come to school early every day. The children here are also very simple. Everywhere they go, they greet each other with sweet greetings: Good teacher! Every sound gives me an unprecedented sense of happiness and accomplishment. I hope I can teach them more in the next few days.