In order to’ protect the ecological environment and develop a low-carbon economy’. This year, I decided to be a low-carbon person. Where should I start my low-carbon life, or should I start walking.     Over the years, I have also become accustomed to walking, which has become a compulsory subject for me. On the first day of the New Year, I put down my bike and remembered that walking can not only exercise my body but also be good for my health. It’s the best of both worlds. It’s not easy to be happy.. My walking is also reflected in my commute and walking to the suburbs.. When visiting friends or teachers and going to their offices on weekends, they must climb to several floors and take the elevator.. Do you want to, I this 130 catties of weight, how much more weight to increase on the elevator, power consumption will increase a bit, thus the emission of nitrogen dioxide will increase a bit. If I get on the elevator alone, I also try not to take the elevator. If I get on the elevator alone, how much electricity will I consume and how much nitrogen dioxide will I emit?.     In recent years, I have also gone to the countryside to collect flowers or take a walk, to see the vegetables in the countryside, to experience the sour, sweet, bitter and spicy taste of growing vegetables, and to look at the green leaves that I have planted and to enjoy my brow.. Over the years, China Resources Snow Beer Hangzhou, where I work, has organized employees to go to the hospital for medical examination every year. In the hospital, I often hear or see a patient suffering from hyperlipemia, hypertension and hyperglycemia. That’s because of their fat accumulation. Who told them to go in and out with big fish and big meat all day and have cars?. In fact, life, you have to live a life of flavor and quality if you want to live it. Therefore, I want to maintain an environment-friendly state of low-carbon life.     At the end of last year, I took out a part of my salary and bought a desktop computer at Hangzhou Wensan Road Xixi Cyberport. I used my spare time to write, gave full play to my writing skills, changed some fees to subsidize my daily expenses, and eliminated the paper and pens from my office.. First, it is convenient for you to send e-mail and search the information on the Internet. The original surprise is that it is amazing to reach the other party’s mailbox in just a few seconds with a mouse. The second is to chat with relatives and friends online, watch movies and TV plays online, and no longer watch TV, so you can play all over the world and enter the world..     In fact, in daily life, there are times when people are close to low-carbon life every day.. Daily rice washing water can be used to wash hands and dishes, which is a natural whitening product. Placing the old newspapers on the bottom of the wardrobe can not only absorb moisture, but also absorb the peculiar smell in the wardrobe. Used facial tissues and napkins are used to wipe hands or jewelry, furniture, shoes and tableware. They not only shine but also leave the scent of facial tissues.. After drinking tea dregs and putting them on the balcony to dry in the sun, you can make a pillow full of tea fragrance so that you can sleep till dawn. Still have eaten orange peel to dry or blindly Chinese medicine … In 2011, my low-carbon life was both happy and sweet. Friend, are you low carbon yet? If not, then lead a low-carbon life quickly.