In a flash, I am nearly 30 to 5 years old. My dearest grandma has been away from me for more than 20 years..     Before the land reform, grandma was the landlord’s darling daughter. After the land reform, the land was redistributed to the farmers, so grandma’s family situation plummeted. Grandma’s father also had to farm his own land like all the farmers and work to support a family. Granny, who was pampered from childhood and had a good face, probably married my grandfather in the early fifty, although it was not allowed for a woman to do housework in that age. However, my grandfather is an old man with very open mind. He has never been influenced by the old ideas to give grandma a cold shoulder, but to take care of her instead. In my impression, grandma’s house always seems to have a lot of delicious food that can’t be finished. Dad is the third in the family. He is my uncle and elder sister – in – law, so he is very popular. His children are naturally the darling of grandma. The delicious food from uncle and elder sister-in-law is always secretly left for us to eat..     When we were young, we lived in a yard with grandma. Although grandma loved us very much, she never allowed children to climb onto her kang to play.. Grandma’s kang has always been clean and spotless, and our children always climb up and touch it when grandma doesn’t pay attention to it, and play with her pillow towel tied around her neck as a cloak.. Of course, this little move was also discovered by grandma, but her hands were always falling in mid-air and making angry expressions, pretending to hit our posture, but never really hit us. instead, I was naughty and naughty since I was a child, always deliberately provoking her to anger.     Remember my brother-in-law and my brother-in-law’s little chubby brother, the two of us are the most troublesome children in the family. I was the same age as little chubby brother. I was about 10 years old at that time. grandma took a lunch break at home one noon during the summer vacation.. Her door was closed. I was hungry with little chubby brother. I couldn’t open the door, and I didn’t dare to call the door for fear that grandpa would come back to fight, so I secretly took the threshold under grandma’s door. little chubby brother couldn’t drill in because he was fat, so he encouraged me to go in and get the bread grandma hung in the living room basket.. Granny was afraid of the scourge of mice. She hung the basket on the wall and children generally couldn’t reach it. So I moved a big chair and stood on tiptoe or couldn’t reach it. So I held my voice and asked Xiao Pang to pass a small wooden Kun. I used a wooden stick and I collapsed all the chairs and baskets in an instant. I was heavily dropped to the ground.. Grandma heard the noise coming out and looked at the ground-wide pastry. She was speechless with anger. She just loved the pastry. I was a thief and did not dare to look her in the eyes. She had forgotten the pain and sat on the ground without saying a word.. Grandma picked up the cake that had fallen into the ground and opened the door, shouting the name of Xiao Pang all over the yard and shouting in her mouth, ” The hare, his bad idea on time, will know to eat all day long, and will eat it when it is fat.. ‘ Looking at me who fell to the ground, I remembered to see if I had been broken. Pick me up, pat the soil on me, take a piece of cake and blow it to me and say, ” Take it and give it to Xiao Pang.”. I’ll tell grandma when I’m hungry. It’s dangerous. Grandma packed up her things, the dirty cake was carefully cleaned up by grandma and put back in the basket, and went into the back room to continue sleeping. I took the cake and found Xiao pang and gave it to him. Xiao pang said when he saw my first sentence: ” how, grandma didn’t hit you, look, I knew grandma wouldn’t hit you girls.”.. Xiao pang wolfed down the cake with it.     Grandma is a person who seldom gets angry. My grandfather and my father are the most frightening people in the family, and my violent temper has passed on to them..     Later, grandma’s rice became better and better, and we all liked her rice. Granny’s best skill is manual paper cutting. I remember that every New Year’s Day, all the windows in my family are cut out by grandma. The appearance is lifelike and vivid. This craft is still unforgettable. Of course, I have not learned to this day.. Although grandma’s favorite is my big sister, she loves all the girls in her family. She has never been influenced by feudal ideology and ignored her granddaughters. In her eyes, we are all her little princesses..     When I was in the fourth grade of primary school, grandma died. At that time, I still didn’t understand what ” death” was. I only thought that grandma must have gone out. Maybe she will come back one day or climb out of the grave.. This naive idea lasted until the year when I left my hometown and went north to study.     When I went to school in Shijiazhuang, I often dreamed of her. She was still so amiable and her eyes were full of love.. No matter how I call her, she just looks at me like that and doesn’t talk. I woke up to find that it was just a dream, and this dream lasted until I graduated from work..     For more than 20 years, I don’t know why today, I suddenly miss her and want to eat the dumplings she made and laugh at her shallowly..     May grandma be all right in heaven. If there is heaven, she must be happy.     I also hope grandma will bless her children’s safe and happy life in the kingdom of heaven. I think that’s what she expected..     In this world, affection is always the supreme emotion. It will not be indifferent to the slightest with time and distance..