The father of Soong Ching Ling, the most influential figure in China’s politics, once took his children to his garden in Shang Huashi and surrounded them with a bunch of seven-colored flowers to tell them a Japanese fairy tale. This is what I learned from reading the book ” Regulations of the Great Biography of Song Ziwen”. I have mixed feelings and it is hard to forget, so I wrote an article to remember it.   In ancient times, a poor man picked a seven-color flower called Fugui Flower.. The reason for riches and honour is that after the poor get this flower, their family circumstances will soon get better, and they will change whatever they want it to become, steamed bread, bread, foreign houses, dolls and so on.. Later, the emperor learned that he had robbed the seven-color flower, and he also wanted to make a fortune and change it. He wanted it to become gold and silver, but the seven-color flowers turned into a pile of stones. He wanted it to become a palace of foreign buildings, but the seven-color flowers turned into a coffin. Just think: what does the emperor want, what is he greedy for, and what does he want so much property for! It seems that he does not have a kind heart to sympathize with the poor. It is no wonder that he changed the seven-color flowers into gold and silver, but the seven-color flowers did not change.! This flower is really amazing and interesting. It only cares about the poor, which shows that it understands human nature and also has a kind heart to sympathize with the poor. The same is true of flowers, not to mention people? I think: The reason why Song Fu told this story to his children is to educate them from an early age to have a good heart for others..   In fact, our country has a fine tradition of’ being good to others and companion to neighbors’. I think in order to do this, we should first ” be good with your mother.”. Moore said, ” It is said that love is downward. Parents love their children more than their parents.”. Mishran added: ” Nature has arranged everything so beautifully that when the baby arrives in this world, it is discovered that a mother loves him at any time.”. ‘ Meng Jiao, a poet of the Tang Dynasty in China, also has a poem saying: ” but how much love has the inch-long grass, reported three spring glow.”. It can be seen that the most basic qualities for mothers and children should be gratitude and reward. Besides, it is also the basic responsibility and obligation of a person to treat his mother better and to fulfill his children as stipulated by law.. If a person can’t even be kind to his mother at least, how can he talk about’ being kind to others and companion to neighbors’? What about’ serving the people’? Those who have become strangers to their mother and even avenge her kindness are the most despicable and despicable.!   Maybe Song Fu’s godson is good, or maybe Song Qingling has a’ good with others’ heart in her childhood. After enjoying the seven-color flowers, she wrote an article to participate in the regulations that I like the seven-color flowers..   I like many and many fairy tales of my father’s seven-color flowers. I like his seven-color flowers best. How beautiful they are.!   If you want to change what you want to change, I want to have a seven-color flower!   There is no other wish, just want to turn grandpa’s and grandma’s white hair into black hair!   Just want to wipe out the wrinkles on mom and dad’s faces!   Just want to keep a world of youth and our happy childhood, but where are you, the seven-colored flowers?   Read this article, her’ good with mother’ heart can also be seen. Later, the facts proved that she did stand on the side of the people with her own practical actions and was loved and praised by hundreds of millions of people for her heart and kindness to the people..   Looking around the world, there are many examples of celebrities similar to Song’s. Argentinian poet O ‘Guarani’s famous poem participation in small gift regulations is also related to’ flowers’ and’ mother is good’.   A little gift today is your birthday, dear mother, and I dedicate it to you, white and beautiful flowers.   This flower is open on a high mountain, from which I picked it this morning.     Today is your birthday, dear mother.   Today is your birthday, I’m song for you.   This song comes from the depths of my heart. It is full of respect, love and hope..     Mom, I miss you. Today I come from far away. I brought small gifts, which are kisses, flowers and singing..     I kiss your sacred forehead, flowers decorate your hair, mom, I sing heartily in order to make you happy.     Looking at these celebrities, famous events and masterpieces, and looking at the newspapers and the scandal of mistreating mothers around them from time to time, I lit a cigarette and continued to write some words about the pain caused by the flow of ” gentleman”.