My father took up the responsibility of supporting the family from an early age, providing a family life with a small salary at an early age. My father went to work more than ten kilometers away from home, and he rode his flying pigeon bike on this road every day..     Clever and studious father quickly learned to drive a car by giving others the chance to repair it. At that time, there were few people who could repair and drive a car. He was transferred to the judiciary by chance because of his superb skills. From then on, he did not have to travel between home and work..     Maybe it’s the burden of life, maybe it’s the force of life. My father learned to drink, and every time he got drunk, he would go back home and become intoxicated, yelling loudly at everyone in the family. I couldn’t understand what he was saying when I was an hour. I only saw his mouth moving and his mother’s tears. I looked at my father who couldn’t pull him up when he was lying on the ground. From then on, I hated my father to drink.. Sometimes he will do some unreasonable things. Teachers from his mother’s unit will visit at home during the holidays. At this moment, his father’s performance is too warm, pulling the teachers to drink freely. The teachers are all fine, but he is drunk, holding the hands of others and talking about his outlook on life, making people helpless.. My father’s drunkenness is also a bit impressive. Even if he is drunk, he will drive the car back to the garage smoothly and steadily as long as he is carried to the driver’s seat.. There has never been a minor accident in more than 30 years. I don’t know how he did it.     Due to the relationship between marriage and life, now I am far away from my father, and my sister said that his father rarely drinks alcohol and almost stops drinking alcohol.. But I received a phone call from my father after he was drunk. I knew that my father missed me and listened to his repeated remarks on the other end of the phone. I was tearful and choked with words. I thought that my father had come to see me four times in a very short time to leave home, only to understand how foolish he was to be away from his parents, how hard it was to bear the taste of missing and loneliness, and how happy it was to listen to his father’s nagging..