Today 5:28, we will celebrate the 24 solar terms in the first solar term – 。
This is the beginning of the end of winter, spring。 During the beginning of spring, temperature, sunlight, rainfall tends to rise or increase, turns warm again, keep warm, beware of cold。
What Yinianzhiji spring, the beginning of spring health pay attention to it?  Mainly in the liver health。 On the schedule, it should also conform to the laws of nature, early hours。
In terms of mental health, to guard against rage, but avoid depression, so open-minded, to maintain a pleasant mood。
  For the crowd, diet should be light, do not over eat dry, spicy food。
At the same time, because the rising yang easily Shangyin, so pay special attention to Yin, can be more choice of lily, yam, lotus seeds, wolfberry and other food。
  After a period of well-being is often uncertain, beware of "late spring" intrusion, especially for people who are frail, cold, fever is a common thing。
This expert said that in order to sterilize and cold, eating garlic may increase ,, celery and other "flavor punch" the number of foods in the diet, for the prevention of typhoid fever colds and other respiratory multiple spring of great benefit infection。
  Chinese medicine ,, ginger, garlic, celery flavor food, both of these bands Expel wind and cold, but also sterilization and disease prevention。
Wherein Garlic contains volatile allicin, can eliminate fat accumulation in a blood vessel。
Function onions contain a prostaglandin, diastolic blood vessels and lower blood pressure, as well as to promote the dissolution of the clot。
Celery contains volatile oil, mannitol, etc., having antihypertensive effect, sedative, stomachic, diuretic。
However, some children may have these foods conflict, then can the celery, ginger dumplings do eat, you can also use chopped onions to fried rice。 Moreover, onion, garlic, celery, etc. can be heated for a longer time to reduce the odor, but the longer the cooking time, the less the odor substance retained in children。   After the still relatively dry, drinking tea can help disperse the winter cold and evil accumulate in the human body。 Because every flower, grass has its corresponding resistance, taste, efficacy, if used properly, herbal tea does have some health benefits, but need to be adjusted according to their own constitution, excessive drinking can also cause physical discomfort。 Edible flowers and warm including plum, jasmine, rose, rose, saffron; cold edible flowers are mainly Prunella, honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, SJ, etc.; nature flowers mainly mimosa, corn, hibiscus flowers, lavender, etc.。 In the match, those warm herbs and flowers of plants is best not to eat cold compatibility。
  In addition to herbal mix, drink herbal tea also need to pay attention to the physical condition。 Each herbal tea has a special effect, so the choice, on the one hand the need to distinguish between their own physical condition, such as body heat of people, should use cold flowers, and physical treatment of the people of the applicability of temperature flowers, for those flowers are mostly nature can choose。
In addition, if you are taking medication, should be carefully chosen herbal tea。
  A diet,: stuffing (radish, bean sprouts, beans, mainly) Second, the spring plate: mainly fruits and vegetables and lettuce take place sugar pie dish for spring disk (or disk spell) from food or feed relatives and friends to take the meaning of spring。 Tray are: fruits, vegetables, candy, cake, five kinds of bait。
Vegetables are: bean sprouts, carrots, leeks, spinach, lettuce, beans, eggs, potatoes wire。
When the thin disc spring spring lettuce, suddenly recalling two Jing-mei hair: Du Fu "" "。 "Third, the spring rolls (Silkworm):" at the age widely credited ":" capital rich people made Silkworm surface, it is called 'exploration officer silkworm'。 Because of the day to do this, it is also called 'exploration silkworms'。 "Four, bite spring (eating carrots): that" discretion in the blog ":" when, without distinction or chewing carrot, said 'bite Spring'。
  Fifth, face silkworm。