The driving was on the rugged mountain road on the edge of yin and yang. it was so dangerous and dangerous that many years later, in retrospect, it was still concerned.     That year, my son came to the world and was starving. I was laid off, my wife had no job, my family had no income, my son needed money to see a doctor, to eat and drink, and to live. I had just entered the year of establishment and experienced the hardships of life for the first time..     My friend introduced me to a job, driving a car, 400 yuan a month. The salary is not high, but for me, who is extremely poor, it is tantamount to sending charcoal through the snow.. The boss surnamed Liu, a southerner, said Liu Manzi. Liu Manzi has business relations with a trading company in Xuchang, and I often drive him. Over time, I have become familiar with many people in the trading company..     Shanxi businessman Li Laoban made a deal with the trading company, but the details are not clear. He only knew that Li Laoban’s goods were sold to the trading company and didn’t get any cash. He lived in Xuchang to collect accounts every day and had no results for several months.. The exhausted Li Laoban didn’t want to spend any more and wasted human and financial resources, so he had to settle for perfection and agreed to the terms of the trading company to replace the 170,000 yuan debt with a pickup truck..     Li Laoban can’t drive a car. He asked the trading company to send someone to send the car to Shanxi. He sent the fare to 700 yuan. As everyone in the trading company knows, Li Laoban suffered a great loss and was afraid to seek revenge, detain and coerce on his property, so no one dared to go. 700 yuan, in my opinion, is a huge sum of money. I can buy milk powder for my son, see a doctor, buy a decent dress for my wife, and buy supplements for my postpartum wife … ah. I secretly calculated that if they don’t go, if I go, I’m not a member of a trading company, and I’m not afraid to detain people, I’m afraid he will go back on his word and not pay wages when he goes to the place.. If I don’t get paid, I don’t even have the fare to return.     I can’t find a driver, Li can’t walk, Li can’t walk, and the manager of the trading company is not safe in his heart.. Someone recommended me to the manager, who immediately consulted Liu barbarian and Liu barbarian again. I waited anxiously, promised to come down without hesitation, took risks and earned the glittering 700 yuan.     In the evening, Li Laoban and I hit the road. In the middle of the night, he left Henan, crossed the Yellow River, entered Shanxi, and drove into the continuous mountains. The temperature on the mountain is several degrees lower than that on the plain. It is cold and the road is covered with a thin layer of ice and slippery.. Along the slope, endless, I carefully drove, did not dare to drive fast, did not dare to step on the brakes, watched the dark road with rapt attention, and, in the words of driving, stared like an ox egg. The farther forward, the higher the mountain, the more dangerous, the worse the situation. With the fog, it is likely to be a cloud, and the surrounding area is dark. I can’t guess how high the mountain is, and I might run into the cloud’s eyes.. In such bad weather and such dangerous roads, driving is almost tucking your head in your waistband, and no one dares to be careless. I followed the car in front of me with caution, like a stalking detective, not too far away or too close to keep a safe distance.. As everyone who drives a car knows, it’s dangerous to see the road in foggy weather. The best choice is to stop. If you have to hit the road, the safe way is to follow the rear of the car’s butt. First, you can see the tail lights in front of the car’s butt, and you won’t deviate from the road and don’t have to worry about obstacles on the road. Second, after the front car, the fog was washed away and the sight was slightly better.     According to past experience, the fog is a period of time, sometimes not, thought it would soon drive out, but the bigger the fog, the thicker the fog, the completely invisible road, the vast expanse of white, endless, driving like a boat, floating and uncertain. The vehicles stopped at the roadside like turtles with their heads retracted and did not move. Before I knew it, there was no car in front of me. I became a leader. I was nervous and wanted to stop to pack turtles, but I was unwilling to do so.. Suddenly, a son appeared in front of him. His young face was furry and red, grinning and crying. He was hungry and looked forward to his father buying him milk powder.. Sad cries knocked on my heart, unconsciously shuddering, secretly telling myself to continue driving, get paid early for completing the task, and drink milk powder early for my son.. I clearly realized that at this moment, I was driving in the arms of death, and I could not help falling into the abyss and crushing my bones.. For his son, for his wife, for his home, even if there is a daoshanhuohai in front of him, he will also make a rush..     Difficulties far exceed imagination. The fog became heavier and the temperature was lower. Wipers kept swinging left and right. It was no use. The windshield was iced and had to shake down the window and stretch his head out of the window to see the road.. By feeling, one side is the cliff and the other side is the abyss. Under the heavy fog, it has become a bottomless pit of black mass, with its jaws wide open and eyeing up.. The fog is like an infinite net, blocking the line of sight. No matter how hard you try, you can’t see far, you can’t see through, you can’t see the road, you can’t see the mountain, you can’t see the cliff, you are chaotic, like you fell into a dark hell. The only thing that can be relied on is the white line in the middle of the road, intermittent and hazy. This is my coordinate, my lifeline, and my life hangs in the balance. This is the life-saving straw. It will be seen for a while and not seen for a while.. When you can’t see it, you have no bottom in your heart. You quickly look for it, find it, and be steadfast in your heart. The steering wheel in your hand will be on time.. My pickup truck and I are driving on the edge of life and death, sun and shade, like walking a tightrope.     Eyes can’t see, ears are busy. I don’t know how many cars I followed. As long as I stepped on the brakes gently, the second one also stepped on the brakes, and the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and last one all stepped on the brakes. Brakes were heard continuously. From the front to the back, from the mountain to the foot of the mountain, it rang for ten minutes.. Most of them are big trucks hauling coal. They are overloaded. In the mountains in the dead of night, the brakes are loud and shrill, like wild animals screaming like demons screaming and scaring people.. The cold wind was sharp and rampaging through the body, killing off the heat, freezing hair, stabbing pain in the face, burning ears, cold hands and feet, numbness and loss of consciousness.. I am like a robot made of steel, cold in body, hungry, warm and cold, and tireless, walking through the dark night, through thick fog, through cliffs, and through the arms of death..     At daybreak, I entered a small town with a small restaurant by the side of the road. I drove past desperately and stood by the coal fire to bake for a while. After eating hot rice, I only had heat on my body..   After arriving at the destination, Li Laoban kept his lies and gave him wages.I took 700 yuan and went back after a deep sleep in the hotel.