His wife, who had been ill in bed for a long time, suddenly became confused and threw urine and feces on the bed. She did not admit it. He said she threw it.. The house stinks. He is also almost more than eighty people. To wait on her husband, who is four years older than herself, is no longer enough. She said as she tidied up his excrement, you’re dying, don’t suffer any more. He also knows to answer back and say, you die first. She said, who will take care of you when I die? I don’t even have the blessing of dying first. See the old man that silly appearance, she is always natural to himself nagging, owe you in my life, in my life to find.     When she was very young, her father died and her mother was unable to support the burden of her five children. When she led her ( him ) along the street to beg for food, her husband’s family discussed with her mother to make her a child bride when they saw her attractive and beautiful face.. She lived in her husband’s family when she was only ten years old. The husband’s family life is not very good, but there are seven or eight brothers and sisters, three men and five women, none of whom have married except elder sister – in – law. He betrothed her to the 14 – year – old third because he was a little younger than the family.. Her daily life is spinning. At first, she couldn’t, she didn’t put it well, and I don’t know how many dozen she got.. Especially when he is four years older than himself, he always hits her. Her mother-in-law stipulated that if you spin two or two lines a day, you won’t be allowed to eat or sleep if you don’t spin enough.. She also wanted to run home. However, the mother has already remarried with her younger brother and sister and she doesn’t even have a home. Very easy to get to 18 years old, she and her husband round the room. Became a woman, she did not improve her position because of the round house. Just in addition to spinning, cooking and flipping pancakes. The next year, her eldest daughter was born, because her family is big and she has many people and is the first among the younger generation, so there is no need to worry about not taking care of her children.. After that, she gave birth to three men and four women. Today, the children are all grown up and she is also old.     The old man is not many days old, it’s time to prepare his affairs. Despite the large number of children, none of them has taken the initiative to worry about it. They said, ” You wait on him well, and we will wait on you in the future.”. No one can see what will happen in the future. She can’t cope with what is happening now.. His wife’s funeral clothes have to be prepared for the grave. If he gets old, he will be caught off guard. She found her sons and the sons did not speak. Looking for a girl, the girl has difficulties. The eldest daughter is also nearly sixty years old. A son and a woman are already adults, and life is tight. Son – in – law’s heart disease takes medicine all the year round, and the family and outside are all girls. There was a time when the village came to sell fried dough sticks and her son-in-law was too greedy to even move out the money to buy a fried dough stick.. Can you count on the boss? The second child is nearly fifty years old. One of the two children goes to college and the other to high school. There is a famine everywhere.. Old three is much better. The couple killed pigs and sold meat. She sent all the meat for the holidays, big or small, at home.. How to let her pay again? The youngest daughter was in her 30s and went to Qingdao to work a few years ago. She found an object in Qingdao and was engaged in a hairdressing business.. A phone call in the past did not disappoint the old Niang, and he replied, don’t be impatient, and immediately hit 5,000 yuan. More than five thousand yuan is enough for a funeral in the countryside.     Before long, the old man died. After the children sent their father underground, a war broke out. No one will let anyone for a few dollars. There is no problem with the four daughters, that is, how much money they contribute.The three sons came to work, and whoever drank a few more bowls of water was counted as money.. The boss said that his family had more than one person’s meal, while the second said that his relatives had put in more human resources and money.. Small three said he had a lot of manpower. Each has his own plan. In the end, a smart man was found and distributed in proportion with the computer, thus barely paving the way..     She looked at the children, her heart cooling to her heels. The old man is just a picture, saying’ we’ll wait on you in the future’ to see who they’re counting on for a few dollars as if they were hungry wolves with no money in their hands.?