This morning, the sun was especially bright and even the air smelled sweet. The trees were full of prosperity. In the late spring of April, the flowers scattered all over the place with the torrential rain and strong winds.. Suddenly, I saw the new green trees and the petals of the late cherry blooming brightly..     At six o’clock in the morning, the sun just rose from the end of the mountain, bright and warm, full of endless hope. I don’t know how hard I got up from bed in the morning, but I smell the fresh air, look at the rising sun, feel the warm spring breeze, and my heart is full of calm and serenity and inexplicably content with this scene..     He is a small fat man. As far as I am concerned, I am deeply impressed with him, but I have drawn a dramatic comedy. Each paragraph about his memory is an amusing comic book full of comedy. He was once thought to be a high-profile man, but he still has no sense of presence.. I don’t care much about the situation of this person.     Inadvertently, he turned over an article he wrote, which was graceful and exquisite, with rich cultural connotation and profound writing skills.. Since then, he has changed from a comedian in my eyes to a scholar.     Since ancient times, scholars and poets have had a lot of feelings, delicate and sensitive thoughts, much hurting spring and autumn, and shedding tears on the moon.. However, he was nervous, laughing and laughing all day, and could not see the charm of the literati, elegant and natural and unrestrained.. He also mentioned the family by accident, but he only talked about his father. He always said to people, ” My father”,’ My father”, instead of saying,” My father”, I don’t know the depth of emotion, but I think there may be no intimacy between father and son. ”.     A chance chance, just know, originally his mother has died of illness, he only left his father. Maybe it’s too small to express, maybe it’s the same as men, and even more so, father and son don’t know how to express their emotions.. The two people who lived together loved each other deeply, but both blocked each other in their own way. On weekdays, he was laughing and laughing, his nerves were thick, and after he knew this, his heart was slightly sour..     It turns out that everyone has an unknown pain behind him, depending on how he chooses to live.     Cherry blossoms are blooming brightly. It’s a fine day. The sun is shining so that people can’t open their eyes..     ‘ what’s wrong with your hand? ‘ I was listening to songs with headphones in my ear, and there was such a word in my ear. Without looking back, I knew it was the voice from the last row. I silently did not speak and listened to the next conversation..     Oh, birthmark. ‘ It’s him, slow, nonstandard Mandarin tone, a as one pleases knows it’s him.     ‘ isn’t there a lot of ways to remove birthmarks now? You can try it. Why should I get rid of it? It was a gift from my mother. Hearing this, the in the mind has a strange feeling. As if he had returned to that night and explained his reading skills in Mandarin, he inadvertently talked about his hand, which was punctuated with red spots like a few bright red berries bursting on the palm of his hand.. He said he felt that the marks on his hands were like the shape of Taiwan Island. It seems to me that this is true.     Everyone has stories and injuries behind him, so I never asked these questions. Because, I know how cruel it is to tear open the injured scar again and again if you rashly ask for information or just to satisfy your curiosity..     He is a man of letters who has learned from the past and learned from the present, is especially good at ancient prose, has a sense of righteousness and pride, and has the integrity of a man of letters.. He is not like a common scholar, his mind is delicate and sensitive, and he often hurts spring and autumn. He has poems and books in his abdomen, but he is not arrogant and impetuous. Instead, he has a low profile, which is indeed commendable..     In the embarrassing situation that everyone thought, he was confident, like a small sun shining brightly on his chest, burning hot blood and passion..     Everyone is God’s pet. All the imperfections are gifts from your mother, which make you different from others. Even if you leave in a sea of people, you will always find you, the unique one, with unique, powerful and confident you, no matter where you go..