Don’t wait any longer. The ancients said, ” The trees want to be quiet but the wind doesn’t stop, while the children want to be nourished but the relatives don’t stay”. In fact, many times, it’s not that parents don’t want to stay close, but that children always find a strong reason for themselves and feel at ease not to be filial.. However, when the family members are gone, they will not regret it, nor will they call heaven and earth empty sorrows..     Since his father left, he has been in a state of guilt and remorse, unable to extricate himself from the agony of infinite yearning and regret for his father, thinking day after day, dreaming night after night, and dreaming of his father again last night. I remember my old friend in my dream and wake up with tears. After waking up in the middle of the night, trouble sleeping; Sleepless, can’t bear to think of it, but it’s a dream like that. Today, both parents have left, and whenever I think of my last last look at my parents’ death, my heart aches and pains, and I watched them close their eyes with infinite care and regret. The last line of clear tears shed from the corner of my eye fell into my heart. Soak all the memories. The scene was deeply seared in my mind, making me unforgettable. I close my eyes and recall, leaving my thoughts to travel through the corners of the years, and my parents’ former looks and sounds emerge in front of me. The earnest teachings are still in the ear. Sheep have the grace to kneel and milk, crows have the love to feed back, animals are still here, why are people worthy of it?? I have not been able to repay my parents for their kindness in raising me, and I have always felt guilty, making it difficult for me to live in peace all my life.. Today, father’s kindness and mother’s exhortation have become reminiscences!     It has been 15 years since the mother left the hospital. The mother has been in poor health and the family conditions were not good at that time. She has not been admitted to hospital for treatment, thus delaying the mother’s illness.. To my mother, I owe and feel guilty too much. Over the years, I have been living in endless thoughts and guilt.     Father also left. Father left suddenly and in a hurry. He left before he could say a word with his children.. In fact, my father has been ill for more than half a year, because his father is in good health and has been holding on hard, but also because of some misunderstandings about his father, he has never cared about his emaciated father.. My father’s death caught me off guard because my stubbornness and prejudice left me with regret and regret for life. When his father arrived at the hospital, he could not say a word. His father was not feeling well at eleven o’clock in the evening, but he insisted on not calling the children for fear of disturbing them. He supported them hard, endured and waited for the morning.. The stepmother said, ” That night was a long night and I hope it won’t be dawn.”. What kind of heartbreak is this! By the time my stepmother called in the morning, my father was already suffering from heart failure. I know that rescue has no meaning at all. But I kept praying for miracles because many promises to my father have not yet been fulfilled. My father said only one word in the hospital, ” I’m not good anymore”. At that moment, my heart ached with tears, and I couldn’t help wailing and crying. I held my father’s hand and stroked it. I didn’t dare to let go of my father’s hand. I knew that once it was released, it would be a gap between yin and yang. My father also knew that he had little time to let go of his hand. He kept earning weak eyes and looked around all the people. At the moment when life and death crossed, he was trying to take a final look at his children.. The in the mind still can’t let go of the children. Father looked at me helplessly and closed his eyes. I know that eyes are full of sentimentally attached, helpless and disappointed. Remembering my father’s eyes, I felt pain like a thousand arrows piercing my heart. After my mother left, I never forgot her mother’s repeated exhortations and vowed in my heart to be dutiful to my father. However, I failed to live up to her exhortations and disobeyed her vow to let my father go with infinite regret.. The longest time I spent with my father was the eight hours in the hospital, when my father was there, he never had a good chat with him or touched his hand.. That day, my father’s hands were so cold and rough. The cool let me feel my father’s cold heart’s anguish. The roughness made me ashamed and ashamed. In the years after my mother left, I didn’t take good care of my father and rarely even visited his old man’s house.. ‘ Parents’ hearts are on their children, and children’s hearts are on stones.”! When my father said this sentence before, I didn’t understand it very much, and now I realize how much bitterness, helplessness and affection my father has in this sentence.!     These days after my father left, I have been unhappy and regretful. But what’s the point? When I was alive, I was not filial. My father and I were angry. My father did not do well and did not do right. I just asked my father according to my own thinking and ideas.. The ancients said: To serve parents as children, it is important to care for their parents’ hearts, followed by their bodies. However, after I understand this truth, parents have already left. Thinking about parents now is a kind of heart – tearing and lung – splitting pain. Every time I recall it, it is a heartache. Who can say this endless feeling of missing and guilt?? Now I can only worship and pray for God’s forgiveness and mercy, and earnestly hope that my father will enter heaven as soon as possible to moisten God’s grace..     For this reason, I sincerely advise my parents’ friends who are still alive to ” go home and have a look at it often” and worship their parents with a heart of nurturing. In fact, the old people do not require much. It is enough for the family to enjoy making some ordinary food with them as long as they accompany and talk..     Ouyang Xiu said, ” It’s better to keep the sacrifices abundant than to keep them thin.” It’s filial piety that doesn’t have to keep them abundant. ”. Indeed, it is better to do one’s filial duty in life than to use a full-fledged sacrifice in sacrifice. It is not necessary for parents to be rich, and the most important thing is filial piety. The essence of filial piety should be when parents and elders live.     Friends, often go home and have a look at it. Don’t leave yourself with the lifelong regret and guilt of ” having a son but not loving him, empty sorrow”!