The light in the bedroom of the house we rented is not on. This is a modern ceiling lamp, which is covered by a glass cover outside. I don’t know what kind of bulb is inside.. As I worked in the lighting factory, I knew that there were many kinds of bulbs and the roof was high, so I couldn’t open it to see what it was like.. After a few days of darkness like this, convenience is indeed inconvenient. The landlord finally came to collect the rent and told him that the light in the bedroom was not on. The landlord said he would buy a light bulb.. In spite of this, a few more days passed without seeing the landlord come over. After a few days of darkness like this, we’d better go and buy a light bulb ourselves.     There was a high table in that hall. Mr. and I carried the table into the bedroom. Mr. stood up, touched it up and could reach it. Sir, I don’t know how this lamp can be removed. I have seen how other people install this lamp in the factory.. I told him to twist the protruding iron ornament under the glass cover, open it, and then take off the cover. Sir, as I said, he did it and did it. He took the cover off, and I placed it on the side of the ground next to him..     There are two tubes inside. The tubes are relatively short. I don’t know if they are sold outside.. In the evening, Mr. and I went to the small supermarket under the village to buy energy-saving lamps. After watching for half a day, the lamps were longer. Later, we saw a shorter one in the pile. This should be the case.. We bought one first and went back to try it out. Twist off one of the old lamps and install this new one. When the switch was turned on, the room was bright and open, and indeed the old two lamps were all broken. Sir, let me pass him the lampshade and put it back. But this is not fit up, the newly bought lamp tube is a bit long, and the lampshade cannot be covered up. Sir, let’s forget it. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.. Also, when the lamp was not broken before and the lampshade was not removed, every time the lamp was turned on, the light emitted was faint, and the lampshade covered a lot of the light emitted by the lamp tube..     I put the lampshade under the bed, so easy to break things, put it under the bed is not so easy to touch.     However, some things are always expected.     Many days later, I soaked honey in water. It was a glass bottle filled with honey. I didn’t tighten the lid when I brought it to soak the water the other day. I poured it back and the honey leaked out. It was all sticky on the outside of the bottle. Although it was wiped, it is now sticky and slippery on my hand. I slipped out of my hand and rolled into the bed. There was a’ dang’ sound.. I think it’s broken. I broke the bottle. I kick down and bend over to look and stretch out my hand to take out the bottle. A closer look at the bottle shows no damage, not even a crack. What’s wrong? I looked down again. The lampshade under the bed was next to the bottle just now. Now I see that the lampshade is missing a mouth and a piece is missing next to it. I took out the lampshade and saw that the lampshade is not only missing a mouth, but also a long crack in the other place.. This kind of material, unlike plastic, can only be glued with a film.     When the lampshade was removed, I thought it was fragile, but I didn’t put it properly, just casually put it under the bed, although there were cartons that could be used for packing. A glass bottle filled with honey, every time I dig honey with a spoon, I always drop a drop or two on the edge of the bottle and hold it in my hand, and my hands will stick together. I thought of whether I should take a plastic mineral water bottle, so that it would be convenient to squeeze the bottle upside down, although there are such plastic bottles. As a result, I just took a piece of paper and wrapped it around the outside of the glass bottle. As a result, the paper under the bottle was uneven, the lid was not covered properly, and the bottle flowed out after tilting, and the sticky bottle was everywhere on the ground..     I’m talking about such a trivial matter here, and many people haven’t done it yet, have they.     Let me say another thing. In the sultry summer, I suddenly coughed and coughed for a day or two. I didn’t take it seriously. I thought it was hot and didn’t go to see a doctor to get medicine.. After more than a week or cough, I finally couldn’t help going to the hospital. Every summer before this, I also coughed, but once an injection and a medicine were taken, it would be all right. This time, isn’t it. But what I can’t think of is that I still haven’t taken the medicine from the hospital, or have been coughing all the time.. I had to go back to the hospital and take a chest radiograph. There was nothing wrong with it. I took a shot in the hospital and I still didn’t get well after I came back to finish the prescribed medicine.. I went to the hospital again, prescribed some medicine and still didn’t eat well. I went to the hospital again. The doctor asked me why I was so strange and not good. He asked me where I worked. I said the burial appliance factory, the doctor said it might be powder particles in the factory, a fatal allergic cough, and prescribed a lot of antibiotic medicine. After more than a month or two, I went to the hospital again. The doctor in the outpatient department looked at my medical record and said I had been coughing for two months and it was chronic bronchitis. He couldn’t see well here and told me to go directly to the inpatient department to see experts.. I went to the inpatient department and said my condition. The doctor asked me to take a chest radiograph. This time I saw the sick stove and tested other tests. The doctor asked me if I had rhinitis. I said a little. The doctor prescribed me a lot of medicine for comprehensive treatment. After eating for a week, the cough stopped slowly, but after more than half a month, the medicine stopped taking medicine and then slowly coughed again. After taking the medicine again, the cough didn’t stop very much, but after stopping the medicine, it coughed again and didn’t work very well again when taking the medicine again.. After leaving the company, I gradually stopped coughing, only occasionally coughing, especially in cold and hot weather. Chronic bronchitis is generally not well treated. I know it will accompany me in the future. I can only prevent it from recurring at any time..     A lot of people are just like me. They are ill. They do not want to see it at once, but wish to endure it, although they know what the situation is to what extent and what the result will be.. However, they did not take active actions. As a result, the cold turned into a severe cold, the stomachache into a stomachache, and some cancers that can be treated together turned into incurable diseases. Ah, the lampshade will not be damaged if it is fragile. Honey, when you think of putting it into a plastic bottle, you should put it up, you won’t spill it later, you won’t touch the lampshade later, and you may not turn into chronic bronchitis when you cough at the beginning … ah, prevent microtuber, pay attention to details, do it when you think of it, and cultivate good habits at ordinary times..