Man Jiang Hong and Yu Gong looked up at the setting sun, Cangshan, the north wind was fierce, the stars were laughing, the clouds were walking, and Han Shan was dancing on the pavilions.. The Great Wall, Frozen Road, Clouds and Moons in One Thousand Years. See the afterglow, wrapped in red makeup, willing to period and. Forced time, heart like yue. This evening, feeling like snow. Mo Jing – hong, generous and passionate years. Yesterday, the water flowed eastward, and today, the sky is rolling with blood.. Fiercely looked up, overlooking the vicissitudes of life, people for a long time. Essays do things faster and slower than gongjin now, no matter what they do, they are fastpaced. Fast, has become a part of our life, seems to have decided our life soon. Do things really need to be done quickly? It’s hard to come to a correct conclusion on this issue. I think it is our own desire to make life faster, not our need. In other words, most of the time, the fast pace of our life is not what we want or what we adapt to, but what we force ourselves to adapt to it.. Fast, many times, it really changed our life, making us impetuous from the heart and eager to change what we want to change. Also eager to make achievements, get recognition from others; Also want to be eager to make achievements, get others can. However, the consequence of this is that we are no longer living for ourselves, but for others. Is this really the life we need? Most of the time, in fact, we don’t need to do things quickly, but we need to do things slowly.. As a matter of fact, everyone knows that while we are speeding up our lives, we are also becoming boring and boring, and it is impossible for us to taste life.. If it is slow, what will happen? Will we enjoy life? After all, life and doing things are not war. War, sometimes can’t be fast, because fast, most likely, logistics can’t keep up with, the only fate can only be failure; Also, if you look at life and doing things like fighting, what fun will life have? There is an essential difference between doing things quickly and slowly. Soon, it is likely that many things will be ignored, many things will slip away from us, and many things that should be treasured will be regarded as dross. The affection between relatives will probably be ignored by us, because our excuse is that we are busy, because we always do things at a fast pace, never stop, and always run forward involuntarily. It is very likely that there are only lonely old people in the family who need our comfort, but we just hurry past and leave. Also never dare to look back at their own way, for fear that after looking back, they will never keep up with the rhythm.. Slow down, what will happen? To do things at a slow pace is not to pursue fast, but to stop moving forward properly and look at the surrounding environment properly. This time, you will find yourself ignoring a lot of things. Cherish the people around you, cherish the things around you; It is also very likely that many things will be ignored, but if you look back at this time, you will probably know where you are wrong and can correct it appropriately.. After work every day, you can go back to the old man’s house and have a look. Even after dinner, you can go over and have a look. The old man doesn’t want anything from us, he just needs us to go home and have a look at it often. Maybe, many people like to be quick, and many people can’t change it. However, I am not satisfied with people who do things quickly, because they tend to stab others and ignore the consequences. They tend to do things hastily but don’t know whether they are right or not.. To give an obvious example, I personally experienced it. I remember, I was with a woman, drinking coffee in a private room and talking about things.. When the first waitress entered the room, she pushed the door and entered the room, bringing in a lot of things, such as coffee, sugar, melon seeds and so on. The action was quick, but very short – tempered.. Although the lady and I didn’t do anything gross, it was a very disrespectful question for the waiter to enter without knocking at the door. If I were the boss, I wouldn’t use such a person. If I were a picky guest, I would have quarreled. Taking the door abruptly does not care what the people inside are doing and what kind of behavior this is? When coffee was added, a waitress was changed, knocking at the door and entering slowly, and with our consent, coffee was firmly changed for us.. The feeling she gave me was like the feeling of going home, because her service was very thoughtful. And when he left, he also asked us what we needed. This is the speed and slowness of doing things, which do you think is better?