The plain-looking girl timidly walked into the beauty salon in order to find a good job, to marry a rich bachelor, to empty her purse and even to use her parents’ meagre savings. The rich woman, rich elder sister, who spends her money like dirt, frequently goes to and from the beauty salon in order to keep her youth, please her sweetheart, and have an inexplicable competitive heart. The social field is like a social butterfly, a silver screen and a movie star. For the sake of beautiful images, for the sake of eternal beauty, for the sake of attracting thousands of eyes and balls, going abroad by special plane, they do not hesitate to spend a huge sum of money and carefully beautify themselves. Ah, this is an age of judging people by their looks, this is a society where paintings are very popular and unimpeded. Ugly ones should be transformed into handsome ones, plain ones should be dazzling, simple ones should be fashionable and fashionable, and petty ones should be vigorous and powerful.. The women around us who were originally in good order are beginning to stir. They are no longer willing to be lonely or mediocre. They have joined the mighty force of cosmetic surgery like rushing tide. Women’s beauty mobilization has overwhelmed us and amazed us..     – What sunny and happy sister next door suddenly put on her dark glasses yesterday and asked her, first smiling without answering but refusing, only to mince and say that she had just cut her double eyelid and had not broken the stitches yet. Her face was red, swollen and swollen, and embarrassed to show her. Kid sister is just talking about the young age of marriage. her face is regular, her nose is straight and her mouth is small, her face looks like peach blossom. the only deficiency is her single eyelid. now she wants to strive for perfection and to be able to find a right husband..     – The wife of shop-owner of a grocery store in her 40s suddenly put on an oversized mask and bangs to cover her forehead. Some people in doubt said that she used the 20th spring series of peeling cream to shed her aged skin just like a snake, waiting for a new tender skin to appear miraculously. Now, just like magic, she is covering her eyes with a piece of cloth and applying a mask. In a few days you will see a new wife of shop-owner with white and white powder..     – A white-collar beauty who can meet every day in what neighborhood, after missing for a week, made a fresh appearance, with the freckles on her cheeks like quail eggs disappearing and her slightly darker skin actually cleaned up, her gait on high heels became more confident, hitched and cocked, and she held her head high, like a peacock with an air of dignity..     Most of our yellow women in East Asia are petite, with black hair, flat nose, flat face and small eyes. For thousands of years, they have been enjoying, liking and loving each other in this way for generations. They also have all kinds of beauties of ancient and modern times and by this standard.. Once upon a time, the west wind gradually moved eastward, and in the view of all foreign good worshipers, the appearance of yellow race was a little out and the soil was left behind.. According to the standards of these foreigners, modern girls should be tall, blond, blue – eyed, fair – skinned, with a stiff nose and tall cheeks.. As a result, the female sculpture in the square, the heroine in the movie and TV drama and the beauty endorsed by the advertisement are all set according to this model..     As a result, the hair dyeing business in the barber shop is booming, the originally healthy and shiny black hair must be dyed light yellow like scorched or stunted hair, and even become red, brown and mottled like parrot hair.. Cosmetic shops, all kinds of whitening agents are always popular, and facial masks such as Peking Opera facial masks are also popular. As long as they are willing to spend money, they will not stop until the face is tested and smeared.! The shorter ones can buy expensive shoes to increase height, or spend a huge sum of money to let beauticians inject some hormones into bone joints, or even directly pad in bone glue protein..     The business of beauty salons is booming all over the city overnight. Some surgeons are changing careers, and even more unskilled charlatans are running around the city. The title of beautician is flying all over the place, making beauty painless. Attractive advertisements that make you younger and more outstanding are filled with TV screens and fashion magazines. Those with sunken nose bridges can be easily raised. If the cheeks are too wide, they can be liposuctioned, skin grafted, flattened and slender. If the breasts are flat and not sexy, they can be filled with silica gel to make them full and proud.     The shrewd businessmen saw it thoroughly: women are naive, they are impulsive, they are obsessed, their money is very easy to earn, they are vain, and the pursuit of coquettish rich women is simply a cash cow.! As long as we grasp their subtle psychology of endless pursuit of beauty, we can make a bonanza.. Fashion women’s clothing stores, each trendy fashion can be increased by more than 1000 yuan, luxury jewelry stores, high gold prices, precious jade is priceless, and diamonds kill you forever! The beauty salon at the right time is also a place where lions open their mouths, with thousands less and tens of thousands more. Our women who lead the new trend of beauty are willing to sacrifice their money. They have forgotten everything in order to show their amazing beauty in a spot light and in a star hotel. Like gamblers who have lost their eyes, they are willing to sacrifice their money and not afraid to operate on their bodies, and are not afraid to completely destroy the once young and vivid face.!     However, Korean beauty merchants, who have always been unconventional and rich in artificial beauty, have also seen the opportunity of beauty mobilization in mainland China. The number of Chinese women who have been granted visas to go to South Korea for beauty treatment in 2011 has increased three times over the previous year. What concept is this? We have given so much cash to small neighboring countries, so extravagant and so generous. Just for the lovely and charming face of this square inch! According to statistics, between 2010 and 2011, 3.4 million women participated in beauty treatment in China, far exceeding the total number of nationals of a small country, and the cost of RMB is also a high astronomical figure..     However, we still remember the beauty wounds. Wang Bei, who was once so bright and full of vigor and vitality, underwent plastic surgery many times in order to make a bigger sensation and strive for a better future, but he fell on the operating table forever due to an unexpected facial modification, causing an irreparable tragedy in his life.. The red powder baby, which is widely spread on the internet, has made a total of 4 million and 200 beauty treatments, unprecedented in history, but suffering from the beauty trap caused by its own money and regretting it, has taught a real and serious lesson to countless women who dream of super beauty dreams.!     France’s health department issued a serious warning that a big brand of breast augmentation silicone used substandard industrial products instead of commercial ethics, leaving tens of thousands of women with breast augmentation surgery with hidden dangers and even a huge risk of breast cancer.. This kind of silica gel has already been exported to many countries and there are thousands of female users in China.. The bone glue protein used in anklebone by baby pink is also unknown, not only incompatible with body tissue, but also its toxin has encroached into the bone, causing irreversible damage..     The lady who does the facial molting, if treated excessively or maintained improperly, will burn the naturally shiny facial skin as mottled and ugly as a crab shell. If the double-fold eyelid is not healed, it will become an ugly scar of regret for life. Too much use of inferior hair conditioner will make the hair dull and easy to break, and even stimulate the scalp, leading to alopecia and alopecia areata. People’s faces are rich in blood vessels and nerves, red and white facial skin and sad and changeable facial expressions all need the control of blood vessels and nerve muscles. If you dare to move a knife on your face too much in order to remove wrinkles and lose weight, it was young and handsome at that time, and you will slowly taste the bitter fruit: facial expressions will gradually become stiff and stiff, and facial paralysis will most likely shrink over time.!     Plastic surgery, let women hide the undesirable appearance, but can not change the natural genetic laws. Seeing a shining female star in South Korea, her biological daughter was so inconsiderable that she could not help laughing and shaking her head helplessly.. Similarly, a similar divorce case of artificial beauty occurred in China. The reason why the husband broke up was the woman’s plastic surgery, which actually deceived him. The children he gave birth to were too different from their mothers. They thought they were definitely mothers and daughters after they had misidentified DNA in the hospital. It is surprising to check the photos of young women before plastic surgery.. The man-made beauty is self – defeating, and the tears after being abandoned can arouse several people’s sympathy?     From 2002 to the present, there have been as many as 200,000 medical disputes over beauty treatment in China in the past decade, which means 20,000 injuries to women caused by beauty treatment every year. What a shocking number! 200,000 female compatriots have been destroyed by the beauty treatment knife. Who should pay for the pain of these innocent women?? Are those exaggerated beauty advertisements? It is the harsh conditions of recruitment departments that only judge people by their appearances? It’s the narrow band of lascivious men? Or are these vain women self-abating and self – accepting?     The warning from experts is still in the ear, and the lesson of blood is enough for us to remember for life, but the temptation to love beauty still makes many women eager for cosmetic surgery, which is the lack of medical knowledge of these women.? It is the natural pursuit of perfection of the female compatriots? Not all of this is true. The root cause is mainly the distortion of our aesthetic standards and the deviation of our cultural concepts.. Like women in the Southern Tang Dynasty, indiscriminate cosmetic surgery is also disrespectful to women and a serious threat to their health..     As the saying goes, men die for friends, women are happy for themselves, beautiful and elegant women are a beautiful scenery line, pleasing the eyes and heart, and some people have done experiments to watch the lovely and beautiful beauty FIFA Minute, which is equivalent to two hours of aerobic exercise. Whether true or false, beauty’s contribution to the society is indispensable. Otherwise, what are we doing in the contest between Miss World and Miss Asia with great fanfare?? Our stewardesses, our models and waitresses in our star hotels have all made indelible contributions to the gross domestic product.     However, we should advocate a healthy and natural beauty, with long hair elegant and short hair capable. As long as it is clean, black and comfortable, it is healthy and beautiful. It does not have to be hot, like instant noodles or chicken nests, not to mention yellow and red, like accidentally breaking into the fire scene.. The figure is not fat or thin, but well – proportioned. It doesn’t have to be all around and meet a certain standard number.. The skin is elastic, shiny and beautiful, not necessarily white as a patient who has lost too much blood..As long as the eyes are bright and bright, it is not necessary to stick long false eyelashes, shave off natural eyebrows and embroider lifeless false eyebrows.. Middle – aged women grow wrinkles, which is a natural law of physiological changes, and appear more mature and attractive. There is no need to painstakingly pull the skin to remove wrinkles in act young.. Whether it’s a beauty contest, whether it’s a female businessman in business or a female hero in political literature, the real beauty of female sex lies in their temperament, in their wisdom outside the show, in their elegant speech, in their self-esteem and self-confidence when they raise their hands and throw themselves into full play.. On the contrary, a natural or artificial so-called standard beauty, even if it looks like a fairy and looks beautiful and charming, is a dirty word if it opens its mouth, is unreasonable, deceives the public and scolds the woman, and is also detestable in the eyes of others..     There are different standards for beauty. Zhao Feiyan’s slimness is the beauty style of the Han Dynasty, Yang Yuhuan’s richness is the beauty style of the Tang Dynasty, the natural and graceful of working women is the beauty of propriety, and the gentleness and consideration of small jasper housewives is also the treasure of her husband’s eyes.. The young girl’s plain face, strong and optimistic, looks natural, green and environmentally friendly, and the deliberately carved beauty that does not conform to her age status always makes people feel diaphragm and stiff no matter how close she is to the best standards of all kinds of geometric physics and physiology.. The pursuit of beauty is a woman’s nature, but we have to do what we can, enough is enough. Even if you have money to spend, even if you have the energy you can afford, you can’t take the physical damage as a price and touch the knife to bring about endless beauty mobilization. We can’t afford to hurt you.!