As the moon falls and the wind rises, time is indifferent like water.. In the waiting time and space, white hair dyed with black silk dances gently with the wind. Perhaps it is because of waiting that time will slip away quietly, and only by waiting will the hair be dyed with green hair..   The missed time can’t be redeemed. That’s what people are like. Waiting for it and wasting it in the years all feel that tomorrow will be better. However, how many people missed today and yearned for tomorrow. Tomorrow may be better, but without today’s efforts, everything will be nothing tomorrow.   Expectation is waiting for the best wish. Today is the best scenery missed by time. Tomorrow may be a sigh. You didn’t do anything today. What you’re waiting for tomorrow is a blank sheet of paper. The diary is a daily record. The ideal is to work hard over the years.. Tomorrow’s good wish is today’s unremitting efforts. That’s it, and only by perseverance will you get closer and closer to success. Tomorrow is today’s efforts and will make you all the best..   The world of mortals used to be in smoke clouds. All smoke clouds are their own continuous efforts and progress in their own world, which will make tomorrow a better place.. No one will really understand you. Your success is the most beautiful scenery everyone has seen. Your failure is everyone’s contempt for you, without sympathy or compassion, because your efforts are not visible to others. What you see is whether you can succeed or not.. Only when you achieve yourself, in others’ eyes, you are the most dazzling halo, and others’ eyes will turn around you..   There is a wind in your soul. Maybe the wind loves the cold, maybe the warm wind slowly. Don’t worry about what, after all, your life is different. Because you didn’t allow time to be wasted, you can be the real master of time in your own time.. To grasp oneself is to grasp life. Nothing is more important than this.   Time’s carving knife carves wrinkles on your face, childhood goes with the wind, youth quietly disappears in the years, and middle age follows. What else do you want? What can be more precious than your own time? You don’t know for yourself that childhood was dancing gently with the wind at sunrise and sunset.. Young people in their own hard work, for the sake of ideals and career, forget love and marriage, and when they understand everything, their first girlfriend becomes someone else’s bride, and they also marry rashly with their parents’ hopes and tasks, achieving nothing in their career, marriage is in a mess, and they don’t understand who they are living for in their lifetime.?   Can grasp oneself, is the ideal landing direction to find the right coordinates. Because his biggest enemy is himself. He can conquer everything, but sometimes he can’t conquer himself.. Everyone will feel that he is the best, and this is often the case with people who can see others, but often can’t see themselves, and always feel that he has no shortcomings.. This is how people see other people’s shortcomings and can’t see their own. There is a saying that I am not a philosopher, but I just can’t see it myself, and when everything is clear, maybe I will run out of light and oil, and what I wait for is to count the smoke of my past time and let myself disappear with the time..   Waiting is the most irrational choice. Time flies so fast that you can’t wait any longer. Missing today, no tomorrow is better than today. Tomorrow is illusory, today is the most realistic day. Women’s old age, men’s lazy waiting, are slowly running out in time, the world of mortals rolling in, the past smoke. What else is there to miss? Only today, when I don’t work hard, can I feel sorry. Everything is a cloud of smoke, and all past events are dreams with the wind.   Pillow the ideal to talk about the world of mortals, and dream with the fallen flowers. How many marriages have you missed in your time and space? How many opportunities have you missed? Career or love. Nothing is more important than to master oneself and life. Who is the master of time? Only you, you are not sure, no one will point you in the direction of your life.   You are the master of time. Don’t let the fallen flowers dance lightly with the wind. The four seasons of the year are covered with fallen flowers and dust. How many four seasons are there in a person’s life? The world of mortals is reluctant to grieve, and all the past events follow the clouds and clouds.. You are the only one in your world who knows the best, and you know where to go in this life. The road is your own. Nothing is more important than your choice. You miss today, maybe tomorrow will be your darkest day..Choosing the path of your life is the best way to grasp yourself. No one will help you when you are the poorest. Only you will save yourself, and you are your real master..   Waiting, is waiting in the process of their own efforts, because only their own efforts, the future will be better. Waiting for a rabbit is only a fable. It does not represent reality. In the course of his continuous efforts, he enjoys the whole process of efforts. Only efforts can succeed. Moreover, efforts are not necessarily successful, and he does not work hard to be empty. It is just a dream of his own..   Who is the master of time? Only yourself, you can grasp yourself, but you can’t stop the rapid flow of time. Nothing can grasp today to control your own destiny, and nothing can make you work hard for your ideal and goal.. The sigh of falling strings, the merciless falling flowers of flowing water. When the spring breeze dances with the beautiful music, will your life dance with your mood? Only if you have a clear conscience in this life can you live up to yourself in a hurry in the world. Not wasting time is your best commitment to yourself..   People from birth to death, is a process. Regardless of who it is, it is impossible to escape the helpless path of birth, death and illness. In just a few decades, time flies, the sun and the moon fly like flies, and you are old before you know it. People live not only as a process, but also as a quality that ordinary people do not have.. The quality of being alive is to live up to one’s life without complaint or regret and leave no regrets when one leaves. Efforts to succeed are not important. What matters is the whole process of efforts.   It’s good to live, to live is to live out the value of life, to live is to live out the splendor of life.. There is no audience on the stage of his life, only himself. Don’t forget to applaud himself at his best moment.. Only oneself, can continuously encourage oneself, spur oneself, let oneself live high’s life value.   When you were born, the whole family laughed, and when you died, the whole family cried. He gave up his life and fell in love with the world of mortals.. Look at yourself, how many things you can loathe to give up, care about and miss, but you can’t take anything away, only a moment’s heart that won’t settle down, and still a wish that you haven’t finished yet.. So many regrets and cares are slipping away with time.   What is the final verdict? That is, when a person leaves the world and covers the coffin, everything you have is no longer there, long time ago, no one will talk about you behind your front or behind your back, regardless of success or not, everything has nothing to do with you. Fallen leaves are like dust, and the world of mortals returns to nature. All this can only wait for later generations to comment, but you can’t hear it.   Hold this life, don’t think about the afterlife. To control time is to be responsible for yourself. What is more important than time? It is true that when you let go of your life, the dust will return to the earth, and the birds outside the strings will be lonely with fallen flowers.. What’s the matter with you? I can’t grasp my fate, but I can be the master of time. If you don’t waste a minute, your life will be wonderful. Your hard work is the best witness. Don’t talk about right and wrong in front of people, because all this has nothing to do with you. What others can’t give you, what they give you, has evaluation and compassion, and can’t play a role.. Try hard, young man, all the people alive will live up to themselves only if they live up to time, because you are the master of time and nothing is more important than your efforts.