Can not afford to cruise off the car bolted around the evening of 14 March 2018 8:00 on the highway, driving Henan Jiaozuo Sit H5L ××× C200L Benz cars, even Huo high speed along from east to west will go to Chengdu to attend the National Order。
  At that time, he was alone on the high-speed drive from Luoyang segment even Huo high-speed, then opened the vehicle cruise control mode, 120 kilometers per hour all the way west。   Sit back all the way to smooth over the Sanmenxia Station, manned need to switch, they found a terrible situation: brakes and gear systems can not function properly, the car 120 kilometers per hour, how can not be switched back。
  Just bought the car a month there is a problem, let him know what to do, the car has been unable to slow down, not stop。 This means that, as long as the front face any hurdles to slow down, he will face death in the face。
  Mr. Xue repeatedly call Mercedes-Benz after-sales during driving, operating in accordance with a variety of solutions it offers, without success……21:35, desperation, he dialed 110 for help。 After Lingbao Public Security Bureau 110 alarm, alarm quickly communicated to the United Center Lujing Sanmenxia。
  [Self] would like rub, slow down eventually abandon rear-end adventure 9:40 that night, the police in the past five minutes away Sit。
  Sanmenxia City, the second high-speed traffic police brigade accident Zhang Jianyong, Zhang Jingbo receiving the alarm, according to captain Yang Hongwei indication, They immediately drive a police vehicle sounding the siren, all the way to "clench" car "question Mercedes'。
  Sit get in touch with the police, to understand the situation and start emergency measures to consultation。 The vehicle is still in speeding out of control, from Henan and Shaanxi provincial boundaries station, getting closer。
  The phone, the police further appease Mr. Xue and allowed to stabilize mood, stay calm, be ready to take the emergency measures。
  Meanwhile, police also informed the provincial boundaries order squadron leader Chai Haifeng, arrangements for police in the provincial boundary toll stations all out assistance, to open a channel of life, and to inform all along the toll station, the station for vehicle control, reduce road vehicles。   Mercedes-Benz is also running out of control。   In continuing to appease the police, hanging by a thread Sit maintaining calm, with excellent driving skills, move all the way in the case of danger。
  High-speed traffic police told Henan Business Daily reporter, in this period of the road, we all thought the emergency, such as roads rub rails, trucks, or trucks traveling the same direction rear-end to slow down。 But the risk is too great to give up。
  But not far in front of a pass, the parties will test again。
  [Try] to force open the door of the vehicle speed down to 60 km high-speed traffic police told Henan Business Daily reporter, from Sanmenxia in Henan and Shaanxi border to this period, Mr. Xue had tried one way。
  That is unfasten their seat belts in the vehicle is running and the door open a little, so you can force the vehicle to slow down。
  "Indeed drop speed, reduced from almost 60 to 120。
"Police said, although the speed down, but still too slow, and open some doors after the vehicle is traveling very unstable and very dangerous。
Mr. Yu Shixue got the door shut。
  A door can be closed, the vehicle speed quickly returned to 120 km / h。   "The owner's driving skills really strong, and the car is Mercedes-Benz, Skoda us all the way police could not catch the front to behind。
"[Test] Kone, Henan and Shaanxi traffic police to clear the way so that cars passing through the toll booth toll booth provincial boundaries, is an important test of the parties off。
If this is not completely clear, will not let pass rush Mercedes。
  Moreover, the toll station is split, nor as spacious highway, Mr. Xue need to drive at 120 kilometers per hour speeding past。 This is for anyone, is a test。
  Police quickly cleared the three toll booths ETC lanes, and to ensure the unimpeded provincial boundaries stand in the middle square。
  At the same time, high-speed traffic police to communicate with Shanxi, Shaanxi opened all the lanes。   In this way, Henan and Shaanxi provinces, police continued to relay, with ten minutes for Mr. Xue's life has opened up a smooth channel。
  Everything is ready less than 1 minute, 10 points 25 points that night, according to the guidance of the traffic police instructions, Mr. Xue driving a Mercedes driving fast from the ETC channel, Henan and Shaanxi border toll station accessible by provincial boundaries, the Henan。 On the monitor screen, a white car flashed, could not see models。
  [System] Mercedes parked behind the scenes aftermarket car alarm finally no longer out of control from Mr. Xue almost an hour in the car out of control, but wait and pray, Mr. Xue no other way。 How can I stop the car?  It is gratifying news came quickly: After entering Shaanxi, Mercedes-Benz after-sales finally passed a background operation, the car lost control distance of up to one hundred kilometers on the highway, out of control time nearly an hour of Mercedes-Benz cars, returned to normal control, security docked in the link at a high speed 923KM Lianhuo, high speed and is pulled away from the safety Huayin station。   [Dialogue] but for me this is really dangerous traffic experienced a death in the face of Mr. Xue, the participants have arrived safely in Chengdu。
  Sit itself is an amateur racer, despite the excellent driving skills than the common people, but after experiencing this "Speed" is still a lingering fear: "not as protective as when racing, but for high-speed traffic police hailed in advance, to clear roads, vacate channels, this time I really dangerous up。
"Henan Business Daily: the way to provide what Mercedes aftermarket solutions?  Sit: Mercedes-Benz at the time, including senior technicians have repeatedly contact me, say how to power down, brake, variable neutral, etc. (be slow down, try parking), but to no avail, did not respond。
Out of control had never been seen, the whole car only the steering wheel can be manipulated。
  Henan Business Daily: you will have had the idea of the emergency of it?  Sit: one is the rub roadside guardrail, but the high speed friction with the side door, very dangerous。 Because the fast, heavy car, while the fence is soft, not completely straight, would be particularly vulnerable to loss of control, I'm not sure。   In front of large trucks traveling the same direction, if the strike continues, the intensity will not be particularly large, I will have time to save themselves, so I think it is really not a large truck rear-end, they have behind crash barriers, I aim at the rear-end crash barriers to。
  Henan Business Daily: Mercedes-Benz respect there is no reason to say failure?  Sit: There is no exact cause。 They say there have been no such problems, even the Beijing headquarters also said there have been no such problems。 Back in Jiaozuo, etc., to do a comprehensive inspection。   I am anxious to Chengdu, after the car stopped, restarted, I can not wait to provide the spare car Mercedes, and drove to Chengdu, all the way at low speed, then there is no cruise control。
  Long distances really tired, I usually run more, there are features of this car, I drove usually Cruise Control。
  Henan Business Daily: looking forward to Mercedes-Benz regard to what kind of answer you?  Mr. Xue: I just want to know how it happened in the end is out of control。 I can serve as an example, and so they found out what the reasons are, and tell you and resolve problems and avoid others I encountered such a danger。 To have an attitude of manufacturers to consumers, since the problem emerged, we must find out why and solve problems。
  Henan Business Daily: what to do after going back?  Sit: high-speed traffic police must thank, thank people, so many police to help me。
In addition, I hit fast through the toll booths of the people of the bar, and I have to say that the traffic police, which lost this。 There did not pay tolls out of control that part, I also remember。