Autumn, the honest season, the Mid – Autumn Festival is over, and autumn suddenly seems to speed up its pace. As the saying goes, one autumn rain and one cold rain, it rained for two days, and the temperature dropped significantly.. Overnight, the leaves of the hickory tree were all yellow, the leaves and stems of the creeper turned red, and the oak tree turned yellow first and then iron red. The trees in the village show mottled colors, and the trees are covered with fallen leaves..   Autumn is the season of purges, ” leaves are dropping down like the spray of a waterfall” brings people sad feeling. People say goodbye to the summer when flowers are blooming and green, step by step to the frosty days when thousands of trees wither. Even with the beauty of ” frost leaves are red in February flowers”, it feels like a comeback. The trend towards withering is irresistible. On the other side of the road, cold winter beckons in the snow.   Autumn is the harvest season, the springing of spring and the flourishing of summer are all for the fruits of autumn. This not only makes plants thrive, but also provides human beings with agricultural products on which to live. Through the ages, those literati and artists who have mourned and hurt autumn are generally free of food and clothing. Who will grieve for autumn when they cannot eat enough??   Another favorite feature of autumn is honesty. It makes the earth clean and return to its original state. It makes the trees take off their gorgeous coats and show their naked true colors. Make the crops appear mature or empty; It reveals the truth hidden behind various disguises. This seems to be called de-counterfeiting and preserving truth. When I was in high school, I wrote a poem, which said: I walked in the street in two cotton-padded jackets, laughing at flashy teenagers like willow on the side of the road.   Although Zeng cloaks and clothes are full of splendor, they become ugly once the autumn wind blows..   My idea at that time was somewhat biased. There was nothing wrong with the clothes and clothes being shiny and full of splendid books, but it should not be used to show off and think that they were superior. But the autumn wind can really make the willows look real.   Just after the Mid – Autumn Festival this year, there was a good news from the Chinese scientific and technological community that Tu Youyou, a pharmacologist, won the Nobel Prize in medicine. The artemisinin and its derivatives that she studied to treat malaria have saved millions of lives worldwide. This is the first Nobel Prize for natural science won by scientists in mainland China since 1949. It is really gratifying.   The whole Chinese scientific and technological community is in a state of boiling up. Click on the Internet to explode the tent.. While celebrating, everyone can’t help but criticize China’s academician system.   Tu Youyou’s previous applications for a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences were rejected. Why are scientists who have made such great achievements excluded from academicians? Why did not more than 1500 academicians of both houses have predestined friends with the Nobel Prize?? Tu Youyou, Yuan Longping and Li Aizhen are highly recognized by their foreign counterparts. Why can’t they be treated fairly at home? However, some academicians have been reported fraud and academic misconduct for many times, but they have been able to pass the exam safely.?   Some scholars pointed out that academicians have become interest groups, and they have the power to set up projects and allocate funds.. Academician selection is not entirely based on academic level and real value of achievements, and the exchange of contacts, relationships and interests has played a very important role..   Since the Nobel Prize could not be won by public relations, the academicians were greatly disappointed. The Nobel Prize has hit academicians in the face and, more importantly, has questioned the academician system and the scientific and technological management system..   The Nobel Prize is the autumn wind of China’s scientific and technological circles, blowing off the gorgeous coat hanging over the academician system and exposing the incomplete and fatal weaknesses.. The haze in the science garden was blown away, revealing a corner of the sky..   The Nobel Prize came in autumn. It’s good. Autumn is the season of honesty.