[ Original Text ]The night was still so bleak, the wind swept across the cheeks, a trace of relief, mingled with cold, somewhat gaunt, somewhat sorrowful, and quite lifelike. Late at night, the wind cleared and the gaunt eyes became moist.! The dream is drunk, the heart is moved, and the bright smile is frozen and astringent.! Love wakes up, people calm down and find everything has changed!   In the dark night, you are waiting for the dawn? Or look for someone you love? In the clear sky, you are looking forward to fragrance? Or escape the scenery you love?      Under the call of youth, the evening breeze poured into the heart with the fragrance of implicit love and thoughts. The sweet words and beautiful memories of the past were like a butterfly that refused to fly away, fluttering and floating in the mind..      Dream, still flowing at the end of the wandering, can no longer feel the slightest tenderness and faint scent between your hair, leaving behind the pain in the depths of memory, helpless eyes, and no ripples of missing, like a pool of stagnant water, can never strike waves to look back a smile and leave in a hurry.!      Night, once again quietly leaning on the windowsill. Month, through the thin curtain, like a peeping child stretching his head. A person, boring lying in the Zhang Bing cold as frost bed, clearly want to sleep, but how also can’t sleep. Like a hungry child, he had a good meal, but it was hard to swallow. Tonight, I dare not sing where petals have been shed like tears’s sadness alone. Tonight, I dare not watch the empty buildings alone..      The light is still on, not feeling tired at all, with big eyes open, like enjoying the beautiful scenery. Want to get up and turn off the dazzling and irrelevant lights, but don’t want to leave. Afraid of reaching for the moment, breaking the bottle full of missing flowers, the dream will slip away with it. I just want to stare at the light quietly and remember your tenderness, your beauty and your serenity in the light … Ah light, stabbing eyes, which have long been blurred by glittering and translucent water drops.. At night, birds are very quiet and never wander in the streets. Back to the nest, waiting for your own hope, no longer noisy like in the morning, no longer chattering like in the afternoon. For the night, quietly foil a desolate scene, like waiting for a person in the sky, quietly enjoying the sadness in the silence alone.      Remember the promise made by hand in hand? Do you remember the streets that you used to play through? Do you remember the savage girl who once said I was stingy and angry?? That bright and bright night, watching the meteor shower fall, leaning back to listen to their vows of eternal love, the bustling and peaceful avenue, the joy of watching cars and people shuttling around, the wild Xiao Mao never let others speak ill of itself.. You forgot, all forgot, your heart, the seed of promise never sprouted, like an ethereal thin public English, and could not stand any wind, perhaps the seed never stayed in your heart, even for a moment and a half..      Miss, especially fragrant in the dark night, is as pungent and adorable as the old wine displayed for many years being opened.. Tossing and turning, with a weak sigh, opens a spacious road for tears. Let the tears flow freely, store many years of memory in your heart, and wash it away with all force. Never let the fragments of memory scratch the merciful face..      At night, the darkness is added and the moon is clearer and clearer.. Who is it?? Write the melody of missing with ease! Who is it?? The memory of singing incisively and vividly! Who is it?? The night of loneliness is more and more obvious! Who is it?? The bleak scene was depicted vividly! Who is it again? It’s hard for me to sleep after tossing and turning! Who is it again? Set up your long hair and remember your beauty!      I can’t believe it will be such a result, more can’t believe it, can have such an end. Fear and heartbreak kept me awake. My kindness to you can never compare with a worthless smile from others.      One bed, one person. A feeling, a kind of injury.  Tonight, for whom to stay! Tonight, wait alone! Tonight, the moon falls and the frost is full! Tonight, tears streaming down her face!   Window sill, still dark! On the curtain, the hair tip dances lightly, covering the veil of the moon and showing off alone.      Season, falling in profusion, drizzling silently, leaving for whom tonight? The home of tears is deduced in a silent world and quietly bloomed under neon lights, all of which are particularly unique. The pain of tears is the trace left by a full face of bitter glittering and translucent tears, clearly remembered by filar silk breeze.      Years, drenched ideas mingled with the frigid, instant, seems to have found a different kind of fun! Entangling with each other and tearing each other apart, one cannot tell who is right and who is wrong, and one cannot tell who is right and who is wrong.. The cries abandoned by the world are virtually deserted, lonely and lonely, and you can no longer hear your soft lingering sound, nor can you hear your kindly hissing sound.      The rain has already washed my soul clean, like walking dead and forgetting the way when the dream came. Love, facing the wind and frost, flies through the whole street like a movie with a’ fast forward’, each scene is so clear and brief that it leaves, and the people who have played it go to the building empty and smoke dissipates before they can hold it, leaving them alone and enjoying it alone.!      Leaves, sighing at the vibration and stabbing pain brought by the sun and moon in the lonely night, the moon shuddered like a fright, squeezed and squeezed into the dark corner, and vaguely saw a strange and familiar face, depression and old age shrouded by years, lonely watch the night with a sense of meaning but unable to touch.! I can no longer see your naughty appearance, nor can I see your crying sadness. Where the wind has hit, it has dried up and dried up, quickly making you unimaginable and calmly making you feel miserable! The dreams and memories of the young people always tiptoe through lonely walls like this, but they always leave infinite regrets and unspeakable bitterness..      The blurring of eyes is not due to the change of seasons, but your hair that obscures your sight.? The rain reminds us to put on new clothes for the season? Or will your departure dye the earth? Sprinkle a drop of tears, let the sea store your thoughts, leave a piece of sea, let the tears change your color. Once injured by pursuit, once tried hard by holding on, everything was so natural and so casual, on the edge of no pain, love had learned to be silent and listen, and the dream after intoxicated was still clear and beautiful.!         Only when I turn off the dazzling light can I not be scarred by memories and sleep quietly. Get up, it’s another direction, get up, it’s a gorgeous one. Sleep, forget the memories that tore heart and tore lung, wash away the tired sweat, do not need to forget for a moment, just enjoy the flowers and birds with a calm heart and listen to the moving music.      The epiphyllum is beautiful for a moment. Fireworks are beautiful for an instant. Why hold on to a thread? The kite is not because of how high it can fly, but because of how far it can fly. Put down the heavy burden in your heart and give yourself a soaring sky. You will fly more easily and freely.!      Night, still so bleak, the wind, across the cheek, a little clear, mixed with cold, somewhat gaunt, a few share of sorrow, Gou Le’s lifelike. Late at night, the wind cleared and the gaunt eyes became moist.! The dream is drunk, the heart is moved, and the bright smile is frozen and astringent.! Love wakes up, people calm down and find everything has changed! At that time, the season was sour and sweet, bitter and astringent. We didn’t know who was right or who was wrong, and we couldn’t even tell you from me whether the outcome was good or bad. At least we tried, tried and remembered each other.!      At that time, the season, sentimental! At that time, the season was full of vigor and vitality! At that time, the season was a little bitter![ Responsibility Editor: Get along with[ Original ]