Bypassing the city fleeting fog Ai Ai cigarettes, hurt pace, cold night, the rain repeatedly playing and singing for this purpose.Cloud drifting miss the season, faded oath, deserted fleeting, if they do this snow white?Sprinkle in the sunset, have romantic, beautiful passage of time, many years later if they would remember each other’s face?Back and forth, going around in circles, perhaps, some people are destined to be across pairs after another 22 forget themselves, and then slowly settling into the deepest secrets of my heart to each other, our lives become a beautiful mark it!    A big crowd, I met you coming and going, is it really as good as strangers across a faint smile?These lyrics are poignant, people deeply calm, calm.You ask, athletic edge past life is infinite wait long enough, or present and go so fast, forget Shoulong drift in the wind vows.I said, maybe I really forget your past, but confusedly cure my drink, so we missed.    Life, constantly passing, a big crowd, past life Looking back on the trail, according to the embrace of life, familiar taste, visit the reincarnation, we walked the streets.Marshes of inconstancy, yesterday you and I will pass.Circulation time, twists and turns of the Red, the rush is past rub shoulders, lightly youth at the time but it is a light to fill the gap feelings.Our lives, to those who are passengers, Mo talk about freehand, without saying windy, the whole sum of past sales, put away bloom again Youmeng ileum loneliness, and turned to continue to go to the unknown future of the vast.    Bliss can not hold, and so was I forgot you, or you forget the farewell, those flowing in Love Lane with time on trivia interpretation of fairy-tale ending lopsided.In those sink midnight dream, shattered, like actors picturesque curtain call destined for a lifetime, I have been unable to pick up scattered in the dust of incense.Those fixed in perfunctory fleeting, tie him down, Wu Qi forever stray desert, we stopped at the brow of that injury swirling indifferent season, to accompany me to bury the end of time.    Years no trace, and then look back suddenly a dream.Memory of the station, who walks who stay, the next intersection, and whether there will be a familiar figure appeared?Looking out the window of the scenery slowly receding, we have added a confused.Moonlit streets, who met with who’s just a chance.    Between reincarnation, Whispering Dream residual, before Sumeru Buddha song that I Fine, did not share the twisted love purification, care is out of the linden flowers, leaves has been buried under a tree, went down this, the next life because, just as forged afterlife edge.    Fleeting outline of memory, blown rose flowers charming, light shine on children, it is spend abandoned dependency?Or wandered off to the old days of shortage?Hope season flowers, such as a timeless.Love in a hurry, without a word, I promise who settled?If love is just passing through, the night sky will be annihilated?Endless black, could not fly kites heart of the sea tangle.If love is just passing through, I Can not your memory?After the turn, holding can not afford weathered forever.If love is just passing through, how do I pay tribute to your never seen?Listen to the oath of the Red corner, fuzzy bustling That’s Allure.If love is just passing through, how I altered gray future?Once the phase pull fingers, a finger grip shallow cold-blooded.    Years no trace, there are traces of vicissitudes, silent fleeting, life is career.Chhnang painted a poetic way out of ink Dan, misty rain promenade dotted by dreams in life; when parting blows back in the Nama touch of sadness, a free and easy to stay calm in the lintel of time.Rendering of loneliness as incense, bustling and exhausted, the one who will build my Forever?