Beijing De Heng Law Firm by Movie lawyer said the company terminate the examination of a variety of reasons, the decision was made to terminate the review are often after repeated consideration, deliberation。 The recent regulation of the New Deal certainly factors companies will be doing this。
  February 23 this year, the Commission made it clear in a regulatory dialogue, the IPO after the company was rejected, must run at least three years before planned restructuring of listed (ie "backdoor")。
  Some analysts believe that, whether the IPO is not "backdoor" listing of the new regulations within three years, resulting in some quality enough high-quality corporate quit, take the initiative to withdraw the IPO audit information。
After all, once they are not, the proposed IPO companies have to wait three years to "backdoor" listing。   Lida Xiao Ying Tai Securities chief economist, said that if the IPO had likened the college entrance examination will be "candidates (proposed IPO companies)" entrance is not on the line, shall not take the exam within three years; on balance, the general results of the candidates and their rush to sit, not as well prepared before the exam no later than。
  By combing these companies to terminate the review, including the Czech Republic, the reporter noted Tech, Murray new material, the vast number of science and technology enterprises ranked among the three new board。
For example, March 9 to enter the Czech Republic, the termination of the review team Tech, the company in August 11, 2017 to submit its filing an initial public offering and listing to the Commission, and on August 18 received a "notice of acceptance "。
After the listing because of the adjustment program, Czech Republic, Hi-Tech applied to the SFC to withdraw the listing application materials。
  March 2017, Murray disclosed the new material announcement that the company's initial public offering and listing on the GEM has been accepted by the Commission。 During the review, the United States and Switzerland signed the new material hired accountant Lie left for personal reasons, the company submitted an application to the Commission to suspend review。
December 18, 2017, Murray said the new material, the company's initial public offering and listing on the GEM now has been restored to review。
  According to a list published by the SFC, March 9 this year, Murray terminate the review team to enter the new material。
  In the year since the termination of the review team to enter the business, there are a number of pharmaceutical medical enterprises, such as Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd., Shanghai Medicilon Co., Ltd., Hunan Warner's Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Guangdong Yili Group pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.。
  Among them, Mindray Medical is not only the domestic medical device companies a benchmark, it is the privatization of landing A-share benchmark。 The financial data Mindray Medical is even more dazzling。
According to public information in 2016, Mindray Medical's revenue up to billion and net profit is to reach one hundred million yuan。   In the termination of the review business growing at the same time, the number of reported new business will not grow significantly。
The latest statistics from the Shanghai Stock Exchange data show that this year, only seven new companies will report。
Experts said the shift between IPO "quake lake" pressure has been greatly eased, and it also indicates that the 2018 IPO market will be some new scenes。   (Zhubao Chen)。

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