The French government is scheduled for release to combat sexual violence in 21 bill, including fines and the extension of the new regulations on the spot of street sexual harassment, rape identify the proposed deadline。   The bill is subject to the French Parliament to take effect。 After the rise of the global social network last fall against sexual harassment in the workplace I also exercise, the French president Emmanuel Make Long said the bill aims to ensure that women are not afraid to go out。
  Media attention focused on sexual harassment on the streets of a fine on the spot。 Secretary of State in charge of Gender Affairs of France 马莱娜夏帕 said on the 20th, from fines ranging from 90 euros to 750 euros, if the circumstances are serious or repeat offenders, fines may be higher。
  Idea is, while the amount of fines to form a sufficient deterrent, we can ensure that the harasser immediately pay the fine, so that only the efficiency of law enforcement。
  According to Schiaparelli's statement, including street sexual harassment in women made it clear that under the circumstances of the case do not want to stop to ask for her phone number, etc.。
  In addition, the bill proposes to allow underage rape victim identified that identified proposed deadline after they reach adulthood extended from the current 20 years to 30 years before the age of 48。   The bill also stipulates that minors under the age of 15 as adults having sex against their will will be identified as。 Schiaparelli said, setting this age will rape prosecutions easier。
(Xu Liyu) [micro Xinhua News Agency feature articles]。

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