Winter break through the enchanting than the spring and summer of towering, gorgeous autumn, winter faces often seem wild, lonely and desolate, other seasons are based on the most immediate level, showing significant or warm, or vigorous, or harvested , while in winter but in time and space unlimited flirting with the limits of your patience, memory Jiaochen warmth is replaced by the biting cold wind, impressionistic landscape eroded shortness decadent tree, scroll Chung volume curled up into a torrent of pale desolate.Grand dreams were frozen, available nowhere rhetoric, and his thoughts followed the chaos.I can not believe the winter turned out to be such a season, the temperature of the cold heart of transpiration firmly trapped, struggled, wandered, lived in unexamined weather, began to look bleak followed up.”Quick, warm ah, really beautiful sunshine,” do not know where floated one cries woke me from a dream.Open the curtains, a long absence, the sun spilled into the moment, sprinkle in my body, drips into my bed, and the room instantly becomes brightened a long absence to heart overflowing with surprises.Looking around, it’s flowing peacefully, quietly sprinkling wilderness, the frozen soil of the Long Run slowly; it is set in the lake, the lake immediately became a glamorous; it toward downtown, the market also began to boil ; it apply to the face, a brilliant smile and more.Suddenly, the heart began to jump start the soul of transpiration, life began to exclaim, after a long cold, God actually donated to us so incredible sunshine.It is a kind of magic, whenever you see it in person, will drop everything at hand to bathe it, he perceived it, accept it and nurtured baptism.It is a calling, winter dragged into human nature lazy, decadent, it in one day at a time with a bright, warm with a call to wake up the sleeping heart, ready to ignite the soul.It is a release, in its embrace, the man of God blend, mood soar, feet on different places, all over the world fugue.So, the mood began to slowly stretch, the mood began to slowly clear.When life as the winter sun, ice and snow himself, weeping bundle wind could not, even after human warmth, cold winter has been severe flooding, but it is constantly brewing, after the rally will still be tight encirclement, comeback, warmth hope in the world.