When it began to rain, I do not know.    I was in the sky close to the floor, with all the attention, to complete my work.Factory workers are commuting to lead the bell, the sound of machine factory stopped, there is a staff ran, the boss Yeah, how hot do not open?Employees waiting for a bath.I already said it was not open yet?He said no, I do not believe.He said you go and see.I walked to the top floor, hot water does not open, who is troubled to switch off.I put the switch is turned on, the warm current flowing into the hearts of employees.    The sky is still raining, the industrial park lights flashing, his head a few employees at the rain, the action quickly ran to the hostel.In her hand, carrying supper, recently opened a store expansion, saying it was a lot of discount merchandise, in fact, this is the trick of the mall, they raise the price several times, and then gave you a discount, consumers may think they are buying the bargain, in fact, about the same price as the original, even higher than before, this is the truth Business is war.    Looking at the display time on the computer, we have been pointing to 0:30, and I left the umbrella factory, walked to his rental.I walked on, the wind blew a big, big rain down.I braved the wind and rain to go drown myself in the rain.Went to the community, a lot of people playing mahjong, also repair the Great Wall, Great Wall never fell, thousands of miles of the Yellow River water surging.Mahjong war hearty, some men and women, playing a mahjong out, with the eyes to seduce each other, take care of each other represent this community is such a game, they are losing money winning money.I lost tonight, tomorrow night, I turn to win, too, psychological calm.The man said, do not say you see, I really want to format I have finished winded?You do not have eyes, the woman said.    I came to rent the boss, the boss said the rent, your rent 502 fee not pay yo.I say busy, I’m really sorry, I now give you, how much money?He said that the rent costs for utilities, you have over a few days, taken together, 314 yuan, yo me so much, he said, April 10 days counted together, I said, how much?I pay the rent fee, tapping upstairs, boil water showers, simply drag it to.Sit down and look at the magazines, the time has been a little late into the night.I looked outside the window and looked rain still falling, falling metal housing tick tick above, such as drums, such as the pipa, such as horn, at night my heart sank more.