August Tong autumn, maybe there was a drought coming.Rain, clouds pacing, hesitated a little rain Drops.Originally rushing water of the river, and dry cough a few times.The two sides switchgrass also appears listless, because there is no fluttering wind, no rain moisture.It looked into the water to be put on the eyes, is the glimpse covet both sides of the rock.Bi meaning with a drink of water, the hardest heart would be probation environment.Rain symbolizes a kind of friendship, a symbol of the river willow many friends.Friendship inject water needs to flow endless; switchgrass need friendship evergreen green watering can.Waiting is a desire, waiting is a miss, waiting for a wish.When we are lonely, longing for companionship.When we say goodbye, there is always a heart miss each other.When we lost time, hoping to find someone to give solace.We have had a patient, an obsession silently waiting.George.Washington said, “True friendship is a plant of slow growth.”Because it is a plant, it is necessary in the process of growing time facing wither and die.So we need to be the same care as a gardener.To fertilization, irrigation, pesticides.Only in this way can the friendship forever, in order to grow up healthy.Friendship is a pure, noble emotion; friendship is a plain, ordinary emotion; friendship is a romantic, touching a solid emotional.Friendship requires a selfless giving, respect and maintenance; need to treasure, the flower of friendship will normally open.August subtle fragrance floats, August is worth a miss season.Ring was run over by the wanton summer, autumn and rolled to the well-being of.There are a distant thoughts begin to breed at heart.”I Jichou heart and the moon, the wind until Yelang West.”Perhaps August is indeed a suitable grip far.Although separated by thousands of miles, can not go hand in hand, but a Jichou heart had gone with the wind.Collected several flower simple flower, next promised a small wish, in the intersection, in the branches, in the alley, breeze.Or send a thousand miles away, hand in hand grips, greeting friends.All friends all over the world, “a little place, missed the opposite did not know.”.Meet by chance, go with the flow; parting Yiyi, across rivers and lakes.To cool autumn and winter is still far away, the sun is soft, patches of foliage to see the truth, today describe send Acacia, under Kiba, go hand in hand FY Road leaf, a leaf of customs intelligence, it does not fall last year.