State Administration of Foreign Exchange official would change the scale of the situation in April 2018 A reporter asked said that as of late April 2018, the scale of China's foreign exchange reserves to $ 3.1249 trillion, down $ 18 million from the end of March, down 0.57%。In April, the smooth operation of cross-border capital, the foreign exchange market continued to show the pattern of supply and demand balance。International financial markets, the dollar index rose more than 2%, mainly non-relative multiple factors such as the dollar fell and asset price correction of common currency role of the dollar, foreign exchange reserves declined slightly。    According to the accumulation of pension funds in different types of income, including income tax extension pension deterministic, income security at the end type, income floating three, four products。First, income is determined products (Class A), refers to the provision to determine the rate of return (compounded annually) in the accumulation of the product; Second, income security at the end products (class B), refers to provide insurance proceeds rate (compounded annually) in the accumulation period, while providing additional revenue in accordance with investment products can be divided into monthly billing revenue product (B1 section) and settled quarterly earnings products (B2 models); the third is floating income products (C category), means the actual accumulation of investment income settlement products。    Reporters learned from a number of respondents, the central bank Financial Stability Board is leading the development of financial holding companies management approach, will set the market access threshold approach, strictly regulate related party transactions between the company's internal financial holding subsidiaries, strengthen capital real sexual adequacy requirements and to standardize its ownership structure, large shareholders and executives Qualifications and other relevant provisions expressly。Particularly worth noting that private financial holding will be the focus of regulation and supervision of financial holding companies management approach objects。The financial holding company's overall supervision has been a virtual certainty, study and formulate relevant policies and measures is at the stage, goes well implemented this year is expected to fall。    Harbin Municipal Government Office issued the "Circular on Further Strengthening the real estate market regulation work,"。According to "notice", from now on, the main city in the area 6 (Daoli, Nangang, way outside the area, Xiangfang District, North Pine and cottage areas) within the region, canceled construction unit net contract cancellation rights record information, Where to buy new commodity housing (not including second-hand housing), the commercial network contract from the date of signing the expiration of three years before they traded。    Ministry of Equipment, Deputy Director Luo Junjie said, the next will promote four key components of robots and high-end application development and scale。One is focused on solving some of the "strangle hold" problem, make full use of the national innovation center robot and build collaborative innovation breakthrough in human-computer interaction platform flexibility, function insulation, IntelliSense and other key common technology。The second is to prevent the development of the industry disorderly competition, industry norms。Third, efforts to cultivate a world-class robotics industry cluster, strengthen a number of strong core competitiveness of key enterprises and leading enterprises, focusing on cultivating a number of individual segments of champions。The fourth is to strengthen international matchmaking。    May 7, Beijing Municipal Construction Committee on the "Notice on Strengthening Management of project sales limit price" for public comment。Document referred to "notice" is to limit housing prices effective protection of the project is to live, states: limit price items can be sold housing sales price and appraised value ratio higher than 85%, according to limit development and construction unit self predetermined sales price; ratio is not higher than 85% of the municipal security room into common property acquisition center housing。    Deepen the capital market reform and opening up China's financial industry to expand the current round of opening up an important part, Ulrich said, deepen reform and further opening up of China's capital market will attract more global investors to enter the Chinese market, we believe China long-term capital market is still promising。In particular, from June 1 formally incorporated into the A-share MSCI (MSCI) Emerging Markets Index, a move that international investors will invest A-share market has played a significant role in promoting。It is understood that the MSCI China A shares included 232 stocks included in the initial factor of 2.5%; September this year, into the factor increased to 5%, A shares accounted for the MSCI Emerging Market index heavy weights 0.8%。"I learned a lot and international investors in the communication process, they are ready to proactively improve the allocation of shares in a Chinese market。We believe that, for the first time following the MSCI China A shares included in the index, there will be more overseas-listed Chinese companies were included, the share of the future will be increasingly high。"Jing said,。JP Morgan expects aspect, A shares included in MSCI love the storm led to $ 6.6 billion in stock funds passive configuration MSCI China Index covered by the active configuration brings funds will be passive configuration five times。Therefore, the overall configuration of China's capital stock will reach $ 40 billion。    Reporters learned that silver CIRC relevant departments have completed the development of the bank draft financial rules, has issued an official document on the agenda。Informed sources said that the bank financing a high probability draft rules released in May。About the method of valuation of net product, the mismatch of how to dispose of the stock of assets, standardization recognized standard assets, to break the rigidity of payment and other specific issues will be the answer。    With the rapid development of China's high-speed railway, the people traveling along the region has been significantly improved service levels。Relying on high-speed rail station to promote the development and construction of the surrounding area, not only can increase the sources of funds for railway construction, but also conducive to effective urban space expansion and integration and optimization of the internal structure is conducive to adjust and improve the industrial layout, promote transportation, industry, urban integration and development。National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Natural Resources, Department of Housing and jointly issued "Guidance on promoting high-speed rail station surrounding area rational development and construction," and proposed to effectively prevent local debt risks of high-speed rail development and construction of peripheral stations, the relevant departments to the reasonable control of the scale of construction and rhythm, prevent from actually engage in the development of local financial resources。    Recently, the National Defense Science and Industry Bureau, Ministry of Finance and other eight departments jointly issued the "Approval of China South Industries Group, Institute of Automation for the restructuring of enterprises to implement the program."。Agreed in principle approval Ordnance Equipment Research Institute of Automation transformed into enterprises, a clear conversion applicable policies, priorities and procedures to be carried out, put forward relevant requirements。China South Industries Group is the Institute of Automation of this classification reform in the military institute approved the first restructuring of business units, production and business class sign military research Institutes work began to enter the implementation phase。    Clearing Company data showed foreign investors bought a net 66.4 billion yuan in April, Chinese bonds, holdings by a record high, and the total holdings hit 1.A record high of 15 trillion yuan。    The CPC Central Committee issued a "socialist core values into the rule of law established Faxiu Fa planning" Recently, the CPC Central Committee issued a "socialist core values into the rule of law Li Fa Xiufa planning", and issued a notice requiring all localities and departments to earnestly implement the practical。  "Planning" stressed the need to Xi Jinping, the new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics as a guide, adhere to a comprehensive rule of law, adhere to the socialist core value system, efforts to incorporate the socialist core values into legislation to change the laws and regulations of the whole process of waste release to ensure that the legislative guide sharper, clearer requirements, measures more effective, we should strive to 5-10 years to promote the socialist core values of full integration into the socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics, and build a strong ideological and moral foundation of common national unity and struggle of people of all nationalities, as winning building a moderately prosperous society, socialism with Chinese characteristics to win a great victory for the new era, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream, the realization of people yearning for a better life, provide a solid institutional guarantee。  "Planning" that the principle of promoting socialist core values into law the regulations must be followed is: adhere to the party's leadership, adhere to the values, insisted legislation for the people, adhere to problem-oriented, adhere to promote co-ordination。  "Planning" to define the main tasks of six。First, in order to protect property rights, contract maintenance, unified market, equal exchange, fair competition as the basic guide, improve the socialist legal system of market economy。Second, uphold and consolidate the dominant position of the people, promote socialist democracy rule of law。The third is to play to the leading role of cultural education of the people, establish a sound legal system and cultural。Fourth, focus on the people most concerned about the most direct and practical interests, accelerate the improvement of people's livelihood and the legal system。Fifth, to promote the harmonious development between man and nature, ecological civilization establish a strict strict legal system。Sixth, strengthen the special legislative outstanding issues of moral field, some basic ethical requirements in a timely manner to rise to legal norms。  "Planning" stressed that to promote the socialist core values into the law into compliance is an arduous task, to take effective measures to seriously organize the implementation of laws and regulations to better reflect the value of the target countries, the value of community values, citizens' criterion。Party committees at all levels should attach great importance to the construction of socialist core values into the rule of law work in support of the legislature socialist core values into laws and regulations。Central Propaganda Department, the Central Political and Law Commission to co-ordinate all forces, strengthen supervision and inspection, to promote the implementation of the plan。NPC Standing Committee and the State Council to improve the working mechanism, in-depth analysis of the legislative requirements of socialist core values, improve legislation calls for proposals and verification system, the legislative plan to develop a good plan, key areas to accelerate the pace Li Fa Xiufa。  Li Keqiang arrived in Jakarta, Indonesia on an official visit to Ladies and gentlemen: the fifth anniversary of the establishment of the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Indonesia, to establish strategic partnership with ASEAN 15th anniversary, Premier Li Keqiang was invited to the afternoon local time on May 6, arrived in Jakarta on Indonesia, the largest country in ASEAN official visit。  When Li Keqiang stepped out the door, along both sides of the red carpet ceremony soldiers lined up to pay tribute。Indonesian Coordinating Minister for Marine Lu Hu Principal senior government officials enthusiasm greeted at the gangway。Chinese Ambassador to Indonesia Xiao Qian, Mission Ambassador to ASEAN Yellow River even also at the airport。  Li Keqiang attended the welcoming ceremony of the President of Indonesia held 7 am local time, the President of Indonesia, Djoko ceremony was held in front of the Presidential Palace in Bogor, Indonesia welcomed Premier Li Keqiang on an official visit。  When Li Keqiang arrived, Djoko meet at the drop-off point。  Military band played, the Indonesian national anthems, 19-gun salute。  Li reviewed the guard of honor accompanied by Djoko。  After Li Keqiang held talks with Indonesian President welcome ceremony, Li Keqiang held talks with Djoko。  Li first conveyed the cordial greetings to President Xi Jinping, Chairman of Djoko。Li Keqiang said that China and Indonesia are important neighbors and share broad common interests is a natural partner。Two heads of a number of successful meetings, promote mutual political trust and pragmatic cooperation to a new height。This year is the fifth anniversary of China to establish a comprehensive strategic partnership with Indonesia, China is ready to make joint efforts with Indonesia, ride on the momentum to push bilateral relations to achieve greater development。  One is to build bilateral comprehensive strategic partnership in the framework of bilateral, regional and international level, the three pillars of all-round cooperation, to better support the development of bilateral relations。  Second, deepening China "along the way" initiative with Indonesia, "the fulcrum of the world's oceans," the idea docking, strengthen the capacity of cooperation and promote Accor million high iron and Indonesia "Regional Comprehensive Economic Corridor" two landmark project cooperation, achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation better。  Third, deepen trade and investment cooperation, expand Indonesia's palm oil, tropical fruits, coffee and other exports to China of high-quality products at competitive, fish processing strengthen cooperation and encourage Chinese enterprises to expand investment in Indonesia。Indonesian side hopes to provide more policy support and facilitation。  Fourth, consolidate public opinion foundation of bilateral relations, personnel exchanges and interoperability, strengthening academic, youth exchanges, promote cultural exchanges and mutual learning。  Li stressed that China is ready to work with Indonesia to jointly promote the China – ASEAN cooperation and quality and upgrade, with Indonesia and other ASEAN-4-EAGA together to create a "4 + 1" new model of cooperation at the subregional, accelerating the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement "area "(RCEP) negotiations and the construction of the East Asian economic Community to promote economic integration in East Asia。  Djoko said warmly welcomed Li Keqiang's visit to Indonesia, which is China's new government after the general's first visit to the Prime Minister, reflects China attaches great importance to bilateral relations。China is Indonesia's strategic partnership, bilateral cooperation in various fields of economy, trade, investment and culture continue to deepen, to achieve a win-win。Thanked China for its support for Indonesia's "Regional Comprehensive Economic Corridor" construction。Indonesia is willing to accelerate Accor million high-speed rail project, to ensure the early start across the board。Indonesia ready to strengthen the ASEAN – China cooperation under the framework of communication and coordination in international and regional affairs。  The two sides also exchanged views on international and regional issues of common concern。  After the talks, Li Keqiang and Djoko witnessed the signing of relevant cooperation documents。  Li Keqiang met with reporters after the signing ceremony with the President of Indonesia, Djoko and Li Keqiang met with reporters。  Li made positive comments on the results of talks。He said that as the world's major economies, China and Indonesia should work together to promote world economic recovery process, maintaining free trade and rule-based multilateral trading system, promoting trade and investment liberalization and facilitation。  Li said China is ready to help Indonesia to improve infrastructure。The Chinese government is willing to guide Chinese enterprises in accordance with market principles to Indonesia investment, promote local employment, Indonesia hopes to continue to create convenience for the Chinese business environment。  Djoko said that I held talks with Prime Minister Li Keqiang fruitful。Indonesia, China is willing to strengthen economic and trade cooperation。China is expected to actively participate in the Asian Games held in Indonesia, and jointly promote the development of Asia。  In the morning, Li laid a wreath to the monument to national hero Kali Bada, and planted a symbol of friendship between China and Indonesia, together with President Djoko camphor。  Xiao Jie, He Lifeng attended the above activities。  Li gauntlet on the Air Pollution Control Act NPC Standing Committee law enforcement inspection group at its first plenary meeting pointed out that pollution of legal weapons to defend the blue sky and the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress Chairman Li gauntlet 7 with the power of the rule of law Japan hosted the air pollution Control Act NPC Standing Committee law enforcement inspection group at its first plenary session。He stressed the need to adhere to the new era of socialist ideology Xi Jinping Chinese characteristics as a guide, do a solid job of air pollution prevention law enforcement inspection work, promote the settlement of outstanding issues air pollution law to control pollution legal weapons to defend the rule of law with the power of blue sky, Xi Jinping to ensure that the core of the CPC central Committee decision on the deployment of the construction of ecological civilization been comprehensively implemented。  Li gauntlet say, through the law enforcement inspection, Xi Jinping promote a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, in particular, thought about the idea of implementing ecological civilization construction to make it through into the economic, political, cultural, social construction, promote the party conscientiously implement the country's new development concept, form a powerful force jointly promote the construction of ecological civilization。Major decisions and plans on environmental protection and pollution control to promote the Party Central Committee has been effectively implemented, to ensure the full and effective implementation of the law, to solve outstanding environmental problems that concern the people。Promote at all levels of government and departments, enterprise-wide implementation of the legal responsibility to prevent air pollution, improve air quality, and resolutely defend the ecological quality of the environment "only better, not worse," the bottom line responsibility。  Li stressed that gauntlet, work out a new era of NPC law enforcement inspection work, a good grasp of the principle of supervision, and second, to focus, Third, we must adhere to problem-oriented, well-organized Fourth, Fifth, we must strictly implement the central spirit of eight provisions。  The law enforcement inspection by the head of Chairman Li gauntlet。Law enforcement inspection team will be composed of four teams dispatched to eight provinces (regions) to check, at the same time authorize other 23 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) Standing Committee carry out the implementation of the law within the administrative checks。  Han Zheng attended the Second State Council institutional reform will promote the reform of the State Council to promote the second will be held in Beijing on the 7th, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee, Vice Premier Han Zheng attended the meeting。  Han Zheng said that in order to Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, State Council reform in an orderly way, the first phase of the work to achieve the basic objectives。Next to Xi Jinping to a new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics as a guide, thoroughly implement the ninth plenary meeting spirit General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech and the party's on deepening the reform of the party and state institutions, the implementation of "deepening the party and state institutions reform program ", and further the institutional reform of the State Council of the work done thin and thin, but the real fact, built up a clear mandate, the governance system of administration according to law。  Han Zheng stressed the need to prepare a number of functions in strict accordance with the institutional framework for the study design "three" provision。Adhere to optimize synergies and efficient principles, the "three" focus on fixed duties, responsibilities and strengthen internal business integration。Strengthen coordination issues are major differences, straightening out relations department responsibilities, avoid policies from different departments, the responsibility is unknown, buck-passing。Staring time node, according to the time limit to complete the high-quality "three" provisions of the development work。Pay close attention to study and draft guidance related to the integration of comprehensive law enforcement team set up to actively support appropriate to local conditions to promote institutional reform。  Han said, to strictly implement the main responsibility, unswervingly implement the Party Central Committee in place a clear reform mandate。Strict implementation of the reform of political institutions, discipline, organization and discipline, organization discipline, the cadre and personnel discipline, financial discipline, confidentiality, discipline。The ideological and political work throughout the whole reform process, educate and guide the majority of party members and cadres of the Party's principles and overall concept, firmly establish the "four consciousness" firm "four confident," take concrete actions to support the reform, support the reform, participate in the reform, to promote institutional reforms and economic and social development continue to make new contributions。  2018 World Table Tennis Championships Chinese men's team achieved nine consecutive Last night, the 2018 World Table Tennis Championships in Sweden ended。In the men's team final, the Chinese men's team beat Germany 3-0, won the ninth consecutive Maxwell Gosling Cup。  As the finale of the drama of this World Championships, the Chinese team sent the strongest team play last night, last year's World Championships men's singles top three winners Malone, Fan Zhendong and Xu Xin full debut。For the Chinese team at the head of a Grand Slam winner Malone, he defeated 37-year-old veteran Boer 3-0。Followed by the debut of a 3-0 sweep Fei Lusi Fan Zhendong, the Chinese team got the second division。The third play of Xu Xin 3-1 win over Francisco, China Nanping final total score of 3-0 victory over Germany, the World Table Tennis Championships men's team achieved 9 consecutive years, 21 times in history won the Maxwell Gosling cup。  Russian President Vladimir Putin inauguration local time today (7th) at noon, the Russian presidential inauguration ceremony in Moscow Kremlin。Putin witnessed by the President of the Russian Constitutional Court, was sworn in as the seventh President of the Russian Federation, officially opened the fourth term of office for a period of 6 years。  Putin gave his inaugural speech said that Russia faces a very difficult task, many problems to solve, Russia's development needs of the whole society to work together; the state will give priority to the development of education, health care, etc.。Putin also said Russia would carry out equal and mutually beneficial cooperation with the countries in the world to safeguard world peace。  Members of the Russian federal parliament, the State Duma, representatives of the Central Election Commission, Hero of Russia, as well as foreign ambassadors in Russia was invited to attend today's inauguration。  March 18 this year, Putin run for president as an independent candidate for the post of identity。March 23, the Russian Central Election Commission announced that Putin 76.69% of the vote re-elected president。  Iran: US-Iran nuclear agreement will quit if repentant 6th Iranian President Rohani said in a speech, if the United States really out of the Iranian nuclear issue agreement, which will be the fault of the American repentant, but Iran will not fear threats, Keep going。  Rowhani said in his speech, if the United States announced its withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear agreement, this will be a historic mistake, Americans will regret。Rowhani also said that the Iranian government had made a few months ago on the instructions of the executive departments, the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization has received an order to deal with the US may withdraw from the Iranian nuclear agreement。If the decision is not conducive to Trump Iran, Iran will take counter-measures against the United States。Rowhani stressed that Iran will not discuss Iran's defense affairs with anyone, and will continue to manufacture and store weapons, including ballistic missiles, including。  US President Trump will modify the 12th of this month as the deadline for Iran nuclear deal。Trump asked the EU and the US Congress agreed to amend the Iranian nuclear deal, Iran's development of ballistic missiles and so increase the limit content。  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday said the Iranian nuclear agreement is very bad, the agreement must be "either completely revised, either completely abolished," If you let the agreement "to maintain the status quo," Iran will have in a very short period of time "nuclear arsenal"。