[Kyodo News May 20 (Xinhua) – The Cabinet Office announced on the 20th the first quarter of 2015 (1 – March) gross domestic product (GDP, seasonally adjusted value) initial value, the actual growth of the previous quarter after excluding price changes. 0.6% annual rate of growth in terms of 2.4%, even by autumn。This reflects Japan's economy from the downturn in April last year after the consumption tax tax increase, gradually embarked on the track of slow recovery。However, private consumption remained sluggish recovery, weak domestic demand and improve。  Released the same day of the year 2014 (April 2014 – March 2015) real GDP to decline over the previous year 1.0% the past five years, the first negative growth, also fell below the 0.5% government expected; nominal GDP grew by 1 over the previous year.4%。  Personal consumption chain in the first quarter of this year growth 0.4%, even by three quarters。TV sets and other home appliances and mobile phones sold well, while computers and clothing poor sales。  Equipment investment growth of 0.4%, the first time in 3 quarters to positive growth, but also the consumption tax after the tax increase for the first time conversed。However, compared with corporate earnings growth, the data increased marginally, showing cautious business investment in equipment for deep-rooted。  Subject to excise tax increases affect fading, driven by growth in private residential investment 1.8%, the first time in four quarters conversed。Public investment decreased by 1.4%。  Export growth 2.4%, imports grew 2.9%。Visit to Japan of foreigners in domestic department stores and other shopping are also included in the export data, the increase in the amount of pushing up the overall export data。  Close to the economic situation of the actual experience of nominal GDP growth of 1.9% annual rate of growth in terms of 7.7%。Since the third quarter of 2011 once again showed high growth。  Economic regeneration play with Akira Amari press conference after the GDP data published that "investment in equipment still see weak"。He once again said the government is considering promoting policies that "business decision whether to play offensive?Decision operator being put to the test。The government will provide effective support to this end. "。(End) (Kyodo Net)