The number of sound 鶗 鴂。Also reported Fangfei Break。The residual red fold more Xichun。Rain storms breeze color, plums season。Liu Yongfeng, no one do at fly snow。Do not make unitary plectrum。Resentment can say very chord。    Not the old days, the situation is difficult absolutely。Heart like dual screen, there Chien knot。Night had also, not east window White condensate moon。——Song Dynasty·Zhang Xian This is a very old poems, seasoned I almost forget its source, opening the "review China's most beautiful ancient poetry" came across the title page, the phrase“Not the old days, the situation is difficult absolutely。Heart like dual screen, there Chien knot”Once again catches my eye, I instantly woodenly。    For a long time, slowly opened the page with a rhyme, to procure“Fangfei”Deep, there is a white scholar, elegant sleeves, for months Hanyin, brush the word spectrum。Wine had Sanxun, looking sadly, mouth qingyin“Fear Tigui of the first Ming Xi, the husband whom no aromatic herbs”。Suddenly, poetic wandering around, milling disease book, then write the song of the ancient "Qianqiu Sui"。    A "Qianqiu Sui", how many lovers tears。    He met her in the depths of Yangliu Fang Fei, breakdown love Lennon had Fallen flowers, yellow plum rain listened and watched over snow。Through the cycle of seasons, read to blossom transformation, just as they do nothing special love, by the resistance of the outside world。“Do not make unitary plectrum。Resentment can say very chord。”Like most of the "Pipa" in the Pipa woman, but did not accompany him Pathetic Jiangzhou Sima wet。    “Not the old days, the situation is difficult absolutely。”Yes ah, if not the old heaven, if heaven has eyes, their love will not be the decisive set。“The evil, I want to be together, longevity no absolute decline。Rivers have dried up, Dong-lei blowing snow in summer, Heaven, and the king must dare。”He vows not bad this one, the difference is frustrated love, fortune Unfortunate。    “Heart like dual screen, there Chien knot。”To here, is especially shocking。All times, countless poems about love, let alone me a fresh sentence。If, like the twin-wire core, just as the latitude and longitude on Earth, a cross-pricked intertwined, woven into that one landmark, a crossroads, like a knot in the embroidery intertwined, each node of the system that is firmly together, like a pair of lovers, experienced honed hardships, eventually“Tie the knot”general。    Perhaps he did not expect to be honored through the ages at the time of writing this sentence, also do not think someone would later revisit their love, can be a good foreshadowing fate has long been buried in the unseen world, just as Li Bai "of the palace" five in the "round fan song", the hostess if they know who made the complaint will be later used to enjoying, it is a joke, I think they will certainly broken teeth pharynx to the stomach, and never will stay giving take a joke。    Zhang Xian wrote the poem when, already“Autumn had also, not east window White condensate moon”Hours, and when I read silently, but it is winter to spring。A write in the fall, a reading in the spring, this is how wasted?But when I savor the emotions between that word in the line, they would understand either in spring or fall, it is all the same touching, stimulating heartbroken。    Perhaps, since ancient times, sad solitude every fall, perhaps, when the poem is written Zhang Xian With depression, loneliness feelings, to say nothing, just to talk about my feelings poem。    People often say, life has four seasons, there are four seasons, four seasons in one day。I think, for love, it is the same。Young, our love like spring flowers, pure immature, do not withstand the wind and rain, Shoubu slightest grievance alone, so the spring bloom of the most beautiful moments, but also when it is closest to wither, so then love is usually open beautiful, but can only be used memories。    Summer of love, like a lotus。The aftermath of a spring brewing, becomes warm and imaginative, wanton publicity。Summer heat as couples in, always want to stick together, as if Banke separation will make choking each other, but they can hold hands warm, but do not necessarily hold to live life temperature。After too warm, it will become cold, vigorous may only be temporary straightforward, but not necessarily last forever。Perhaps, some say, only care to have, does not last forever, in fact it is a very irresponsible statement。    Fall in love, just as the receipt of this season, when experienced with one another“Greenhouse effect”,“Hot induction”Then, he deposited the fruit is heavy, like autumn chrysanthemums, not only open“Like a gentleman”Can also be used as medicine, edible, can be wine。Daisy, has been known as“Flowers gentleman”I think not only because“Chrysanthemum flowers open only do open”, Not pro is not a demon, reasonable manner, because it is more out of the fruit, as the crystallization of love, experience“Hong eighty-one difficult”And finally repair was immortal, form a couple。    The reason why there is love winter, I think it is because at the end of the fall is not love, just as the end of marriage is not love, love, come here, not to stay here, but rather a new beginning, so when love becomes when stable, marriage is only one way, then the ladder leading to real love, is just beginning, two people together, there is a cold winter, heating will abut each other, there is winter snow, will win next year spring's spring。someone said,“Love Things cents bloom in winter”, Happens to have a front desk, opened last winter really very bright, white petals and yellow stamen, slim green stem, like a girl in green Rouran, to the desolate winter adds 1 life of green。    Heart like dual screen, there Chien knot。I think, Zhang Xian wrote this poem when it is wanted“Paradox”,, each other in their love, there are ten million knot tied them tightly, who wants to destroy them were in vain; and I think it's more a symbol of faithful love。    Remember Zhang Xian "Liu Jiangnan," Lane said“Heavy Yiwang story on the city, the body can seem willing to Kingston month, Trinidad Banjun line”, Regardless of the moon, or the long arm of the love, affection for his lover is so touching, I can not help but think of that before the hair on the microblogging to talk about: we are talking about a three, five or even ten years in love, eventually I did not set off a happy red scarf; rural couples, but only a glimpse of shallow blind date, never knew, never fall in love, was able to spend a lifetime。We are too pale, or they do not know love?We are too harsh, or they are too simple?We are asking for too much, or they are poor and white?We forget themselves are dead, or they Xiangruyimo?    Yes, we have a young, have love, we have had stories。    But why there is still a lot of people just come to realize a dream, when youth is gone, when love is gone, when we are no longer young, not so good and strong, so stubborn, if we know how to cherish each other, that would be what?    Perhaps someone will say, each person's experience is different, yes, when we hold up each other's hands, who never thought of forever, who did not want to hold your hand, and grow old?Who can not be thought regardless of wind and rain, regardless of setbacks, we want to give you a permanent arm each other, a warm haven?    Love such as weaving, knitting are a little bit into the future looks like, from the beginning when I was younger, began to weave this network, a little man carefully compiled, edited sincere, so the harvest of a lifetime of happiness, some people series of sloppy, impatient series, ultimately nothing。The same piece of net, the same start, but has a different ending。    Love is not a business, but also know how to operate; love is not“With the change”, But also to understand“Resourceful”; Love is not tourism, today and tomorrow as well as the next wave; love is more than the water around the clock。Love is a gust of wind, came silently, feel, she has gone away; Love is an altar wine, cumin tasty drink it, felt when she had to wear intestinal choking……    Love is like a net, you put me intertwined。Each encounter is not vexatious destiny, but the intersection of the vertical and horizontal。Some people are two rays, will be the intersection of the pyrotechnic encounter bursting out bright, then leave their respective old; some people like a pair of parallel lines, destined never intersection parallel to each other but it can, always accompanied。    Me and you, what would it be?    Book that“Fireworks with my juniors, for you I, blurred”, The book also says“I hope Jun heart like my heart will live Acacia Italy”, The book says“One pair for life people”……What we will do is?    As a function of life, full of encounter, full of parting doomed。And we are miles apart, was able to meet, how much chance of this is it?I told you to say“God is very fair to us, before the 25 years we have never met, through a variety of temper each other; let us together later date, the rain comes, do not you want it?Winter to spring, our love will it be able to enter it in the spring?”。    Not the old days, the situation is difficult absolutely。Heart like dual screen, there Chien knot。