"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">(Original title: upset!Germany 0-1 Mexico, a circle of friends crying!Mexico City earthquake) Reprinted from City Express last night, of concern, "Manhunt day mission," "defending champion" German team finally played!Germany's opener against Mexico, as the defending World Cup champion, the last seven World Cup the German team in first group stage victory。This time, more hope and then take a good start。However, more than 30 minutes into the game, the first break in Mexico!1-0 Germany!@ China Meteorological while a micro-Bo fans, is to let everyone shocked!Mexico City earthquake!earthquake……earthquake……Style circle of friends mutation eh?Germany says it good?↓↓ entire first half, the German team's defense is this ↓↓ Germany coach Loew expression, it is a straight face。Fan club began fighting……Germany wake up!Do not sleepwalking!At the time a German team of people waiting to vote gorgeous counterattack, the score 1-0, has been maintained to an end, the Mexicans won the first victory in World Cup。So the circle of friends of the brush to the place, the German team a crying fans……Members supported the German team, can only help you to be here。↓↓↓ German team fans see our fate, after all handsome!