Vertical world hundred pro Benny, who only like you that kind of?End only a soft spot for you。End of the world fleeting, laying a paper Huanhua pad, twist a pen incense, before the darkness has not yet come, I wrote a farewell poem, Blue Bird asked to send you Diao。You know?The poor blue sky under their lives, I was removed displaced in this mortal world, only to find you。    ——Inscription (a) of quiet good time and sing the ballad snowflake time of quiet good, you listen to, who it was, in sing the ballad snow?    In winter, it is so far-fetched, quietly came, carried in the wind, slowly lifted deserted, solitude carries a lonely voice。In sighs from people in Dimei nodded, Shanshan comes, eye lift, thanks Spring, a chock, have snow。At this time a deep emotion in mind, the total soak inexplicable lonely, soft heart with a flick into scattered snow。    Under that blue screens, but who's face, stained with a pillow Tee Sang?Cup of tea, rose petals some scattered and fragmentary, rising in the water, halo, Purified water transparent, translucent instant light pink to a dance, which reveal the winter times past。And that subtle fragrance rising slowly, seems to come from a faint from the wilderness, willowy and silence。Trance, seems to me to hear that a glass and pieces sigh snowdrift。    It is unwilling, or also bear?Once, also went through the debate about youth, about the feast of love floating light, bathed mottled staggered, the sun's warmth blurred, so beautiful cherry witnessed the moment。But, after all, is that beautiful short glimpse, finally, in the winter, never seen it snow like cherry, only relentless snow, covered with an exquisite feelings。But hidden in a teacup, and that fragrance petals are always evoke the past period of Ripples。    Ripples from the wind, holding a roll of poetry and literature, fireplace listen snow。That distant wind, blowing from the ancient, legendary talk with Qi Yan。History through dust, smoke flared up, startled the depths of time a ray of poetic heart Qinyun。That is?Who was the Tang and Song of the boudoir, from Yan thin ring of fat, Moon Palace, the break out into the leaf spit Fang Rui pavilions, pretty dough stand in the mist, plum blossom, fallen Montreal。    Listen, who's tears, litter in the old days of winter?Those who were exposed to the powder charge down, apricot Tobacco and Aromatic woman, eyebrows Qingqi, was I gently picked up, soothe the soul gradually dying。“When Huaxinling to hate no one like flowers still, they spring into thin, broken in front of Liu”……Handshakes biting sadness, I gradually Qing Yin aloud, suddenly, picturesque scenery silence。    Flower thousand poems, and is now falling a few heavy?Years, flowery completion of mud, can not hold, but also can not afford to pick up。Until now, I do not know, those thousands of years ago Beauty envy of the world, tears form in winter snow, covered Tsing Yi, a real estate broker gently bomb, can back to the snow if the wind flow?Today, that on Qiu green branches, and covered with, who tears?    But the children who made the tears?Flower, flowers, from Fanghun UNCOLLECTED。Whispering wind blowing, string sounds like a bundle of purple, blue and white fiddle out a tie。“Look at the spring stray gradually fall, is when the roots die of old age, once the spring to make the old roots, flowers killed two people do not know。”Listen, who is singing shallow?“Shabana flower fly sky, red incense off who pity”。Who is in qingyin?But her is buried fragrant mound, weeping Canhong, silly child who understand?I know, that fragrant mound, buried not only falling, and that the roots of that youth, that love。    Snapshots come and go as the passenger hurry, as falling glow, such as water line goes。Lonely snow, piled into heartache。Winter has already begun to overlap, but who, it is still Lanzhou, every night croon, burial sad?    Love reflection, in the eyes against the current line; if the youthful pupil, frozen into the snow in front of fate。What happens in life, the original, as is also the case, there was also no match for the flowers blooming few moments。However, be aware that, before the flowers bloom have had one game this game a he, had a beautiful, so I do not lonely, not sad。    I know, if the more lonely, the more happiness and less。Pathetic thin, young, strong, said the solitude, the years of strong throw。In this way, we lost too many warm enough good。Because we want to believe that time is so beautiful, the world is still。Those yellowing in history, fade in time in the past, forgotten, it is the best memorial to her。    In fact, these flowers like fate, we know everything, but do not want to know。Because who has the flowers of the day, no one can Huakaibubai。Sencha leaning out of windows, fireplace snow, too elegant life, enamored of time, even if it is soft and fragile。Because, fortunately a lot of the world is actually a blessing, but it is too precious, we only smiled and intentions of burning a glass of lights, in order to drive this cold night decade a long meditation。    Quiet good time, yes。I want to sing the ballad snow, let those birds hovering in the winter, find a home。In this way, we hope you'll find me with the song, not as I like to find。    Paranoia, lift eye to heaven, songs from the light, casual, snow over clothing。    (B) the end of the world fleeting, fleeting time into poetry Yin shallow end of the world, time shallow Yin into poetry。Word by word, distressed into the sea。    Winter, snow like creamy, such as Ma Chi wind。Sitting at the table, drinking tea, this time, the eyes dense mist, then, lift eye perspective, watch the wind, look at that scene, gradually discovered, so soft, and even air gradually become thin and transparent , so, thoughts of winter, there were numerous, hee hee stir drop from the trees, the sky flow into feelings。    Trance, I seem to remember, in those years, chasing the winter that Yimiyangguang, that final touch of light Hui, who fell, fresh colors faded together with Rihui。Only, that dense knot of mind, form a fine cobweb, covered with loneliness, since then, can not be opened, and no one visits。    Inadvertently opened a book and saw wrote on a page:“The evil!I want to be together, longevity no absolute decline。Mountains have been worn, the rivers have dried up, thunderstorms, snow in summer, Heaven, and the king must dare。”    “Snow in summer, Heaven, and the king must dare。”Yin with Yin, I will be crazy, sorrow was not related to the wind and the moon, I kept thinking, I became drunk。    Zhuo Wenjun said in "Baitou Yin" in:“Ai such as mountain snow, Jiao Ruoyun in May。There are two Wenjun intended, it is to pull off phase。Today Doujiu will, Mingdan ditch head, walk up and down Yugou stop, things ditch water flow。Desolately desolately heavy, marriage does not have to cry, I would like to have as one people, the first white phase from the。HE curl bamboo, where the fish migration migration, man heavy duty, where money is knife?”    “Willing to have a heart, the first white phase from the。”This situation, and more precious this love, and more heart break。Love poem, innumerable twists and turns, to speak for a long time and everlasting fear most people are fickle。Zhuo Wenjun and Sima, such as this couple of people stay well, although the name, but can not always cover those brothels where there had been flaws, Ge popular pain。    As this farewell "farewell book" middle way:“Jing Chunhua aryl, colored Ling Su, Yu still piano, and so a new generation of sound!There Kam water mandarin duck, Palace of water, and he was new, people sigh Xi Shi, Wu does not dim in prostitution!Zhu strings broke, missing Der Spiegel, dew Xi, Fang time break, Baitou Yin, farewell injuries, efforts snacks Wunian concubine, Kam water stirred up, and the king of long tactic!”    Had this Feng Xi Feng Xi, it is no longer love Phoenix。Huang Huang Xi Xi, into a farewell poem, no hope in this life。Although the change of heart to win, but non-love affair Everlasting Love has been in decline。However, I want to find people, can understand my request Phoenix, ever understand, I turn Rouchang?Cang quiet eye brow, the scenery predicament, it is unknown road。    Love affair for the pad, pen for Gu Hong, points off of a single word, I do not know, ever exchange Bluebird relative to expectations?    Perhaps the earth, each a love is a long wait。But I am not afraid to wait, because I know, life blossoming, blooming youth the other side, some like Xia, some like smoke, some like fog, hazy, graceful。When to clean beautiful, when to go, Pure Came and Pure Shall Go。Return quiet and peaceful life, from the days of enchanting dazzling stillness behind the curtain from warm to the stage, this is the life。    Red after all just a fantasy, love this earth is one of the most beautiful poems。Huakaihuaxie just a process of life, every flower in full bloom are some of the most beautiful love。However, not on the world, everyone can get their own love。Only those elegant people walking posture, in order to gain earthly gifts feed of this most beautiful love。    Inadvertently read one sentence: the highest state of love is fleeting stand the plain。From then on, I know, it is not necessarily the most beautiful love legend, legendary as those poignant love, indeed beautiful, and really very sad。Love is the most insipid happiness of love, each other, plain comfort over a lifetime, so it is no longer a joke forever。    But, love, I'm afraid of hearing from the word, because the distance is not too close, too far away is the。Far people nowhere to be found, near the pass, I fear。So, I just could not find, could not find, a hundred thousand turn back, innumerable twists and turns, but refused to stop。So, I displaced, displaced again。    Perhaps the phrase should be“No Jun asked return date period”。We had sentimental, has displaced youth, most afraid of is a no go。Maybe one day, heaven and earth, the mountains, there is my heart, not just the landscape, time flies, has a half old。    If that time, I have yet to find a you, who will perform your hand and promise you a lifetime of steady?I can not imagine, because they want to, the more sad。This world, after all, still need my words to heal those who are frustrated in love, those who are still waiting for the Red slowly people。Because, even if it is to give the world a little warm to be, I will never rest, full of distressed wrote these words。    The world will be the end, time will end, but the text is not willing this writing, the world can bring more warmth。This is my first long-cherished wish。And to you, my words, only in the long mortal world, and so light you pick up treasure in the heart。    If the end of the world will, then I want to finish this last farewell poem before this。To make people believe, perhaps to the end will be, but do not be sad。Because there are accompany you, accompany you to the end, this is a blessing。Even if the face of death, but also a smile。    Mei Xiang newly sprung, which withered in the winter snow, I have all of the text left this earth。Then, I will slowly accompany you, accompany you to go long this period of silence An indefinite period like the death of。