Ticker May 25, Pacers on the road to 97-93 victory over the Miami Heat, the two sides battle into the Eastern Conference finals 1-1。   LeBron – James scored 36 points, eight rebounds and three assists, he also steals three times, but there are two fatal mistakes in the final 17 seconds。
– Chris Bosh had 17 points and five rebounds, Dwyane – Wade 14 points, six rebounds and five assists。
  Walker is leading up to 13 points, was almost overturned, ultimately poise, grab home-court advantage。
Starting five scored in double figures, Roy – Hibbert scored 29 points and 10 rebounds, Paul – George 22 points and six assists, George – Hill 18 points, David – West 13 points and seven rebounds Lance – Stevenson 10 points, eight rebounds and five assists。   The road to face the defending champions, the Pacers have a chance to win the first battle was eventually James buzzer lore in overtime。 This of course makes the Pacers disappointed, but confidence in the team is greatly improved。 "Very morale," Pacers coach Frank – Vogel said, "after the first battle, they defeated the Heat more confidence。
"Both sides played the first battle fiery, West and Hibbert almost ruled the basket, but they have lower body attack, Shane Hibbert claimed he was deliberately top with his knee, but he will not be timid, but also We will continue to attack the basket。   Heat to win back their own discontent with the performance, "We have to play better," Bosh said, "Yesterday's performance is not a championship level, this performance is difficult to win this series, not to mention the finals the。 Both offensively and defensively, we have to strengthen。
"James triple-double plus buzzer lore, made him a hero, but today's game is a new start, the Heat Pacers faced more attacks。   James is very positive after the opening, the Heat's first attack done by him in the beyond the arc after fake go past George, James suddenly to the basket, easily dumped succeeded。 After James hit the third, then cast succeeded, the Heat to 9-8 beyond, people have a James scored 7 points。
Pacers still continue attacking the basket, hit rate is very high, when the first section there are 4 minutes and 18 seconds after the break scored a hook Hibbert, the Pacers to a 24-12 lead with 12 points。 James also layup with two points, then he steals the face of an empty basket dunk, the Heat fight back after the first section will recover as the score 22-28。
  When Section 7 minutes and 59 seconds, Wade deceiving Hansbrough, foul, Hansbrough very upset, pushed from behind Wade one, eat a technical foul, Wade throws a ball, chasing the score 30-35。
Bosh feel good, middle of this section, he hit third, after a person with 5 points, to tie it at 37-37, but then he three fouls, had to end rest。
Pacers failed to score in the last four minutes and lost double-digit loss of the advantage, but managed to regain feeling, West and Hibbert basket foul constantly, but also to a wave of 14-1, again 51 -38 to widen the gap。
  Heat summoned the first half to send 11 people to play, even recently rarely play – Mike Miller and Joel Anthony – are unveiled。 James led his unit to counterattack, the second last attack, he attracted a defensive breakthrough to the basket after the ball to the right of Miller, who hit the pointer by the Cavaliers, the Heat to 47-53 behind only。   Pacers still dominate the basket, Hibbert in the first half would have had 19 points, including 12 points in the income basket, the basket and the Heat team had 14 points。
West also had 10 points, eight points George。 James scored 15 points for the Heat, Bosh foul trouble, still scored 7 points, 6 points Wade。 Walker hit rate of over 50%, while the Heat only%。   Heat to accelerate the pace attack, the third quarter and 7 minutes and 10 seconds, James and Wade have been hit, they turn to tie it at 60-60, but also to third immediately Hill, George followed by an alley-oop dunk, Walker continues to lead。 The two sides began to enter the tug of war, this section last 5 seconds climax。 First, after George had James, quickly rushed to the basket in front of Anderson handed dunk, leading the Pacers to 76-71。 Heat the last attack, James and 2 meters away from the threes on the shot, hit the pointer by the Cavaliers, interestingly, James George with high-fives。
After three sessions, the Heat to 74-76 behind only。   James onslaught launched in the fourth quarter。 This section there are 8 minutes 17 seconds, his tie with Wade, basket succeeded。 Back on the defensive end, grabbed the offensive rebound dunk in preparation Hibbert, James blocked shots from behind him, Chalmers break layup, the Heat to 85-84 lead。
After the Pacers continuous shot, while more than half of this section, Bosh-thirds vote, the Heat leading 88-84。   The two teams enter the battle, has since several times a tie game。 Seconds before the whistle, Chalmers start foul, Hill hit two free throws, the Pacers lead to 95-93。 Pause came back, James turned bad, the ball gave the Pacers。 Fortunately, the Heat into other successful anti-clock violation, seconds remaining in the game, they have a chance to attack。   The ball went to the hands of James, but he chose to pass after the break, the result has been steals, Miami had to foul, Hill hit two free throws, the Pacers lead to 97-93 in the game more seconds。 Bosh after the third shot, the Heat lose hope。   。