Sina Wall Street Beijing 12 news, gold futures prices continue to rise to nine-week highs, US inflation data Friday's weaker than expected, reducing the likelihood of further Fed rate hikes。
  New York Mercantile Exchange, gold for December delivery rose%, to settle at US $ 1294 / oz。
Its highest close since June 6 main contract。 Earlier rose as much as 1 percent to the dollar。 % Rise this week, the fourth week of gains since five weeks。   US July consumer price index growth of%, YoY%, slightly lower than expected。 US CPI has been in the doldrums for five consecutive months to maintain, cast doubt on whether the Fed's 2% annual target can be achieved。
Dallas Fed President of the United States, 2017 FOMC votes in committee Kaplan (RobertKaplan) said on Friday, has strongly called for the Fed to raise interest rates twice in 2017, we would like to see more evidence that inflation reaches the target。 Before the next rate hike, should ensure understanding of US inflation data。   In this CPI data performance, "traders think this year will be no more rate hikes," he said。LTD。Chief market analyst in London NaeemAslam said, "This does not help the situation for the Fed。
This is helpful "for those who want the Fed doves slow action。