Xinhua News Agency, Brussels, December 15 (Guo Ji and Guan Cha) – Progress the EU summit three major topics, with various difficulties still exist Xinhua News Agency reporters two-day EU summit in winter closing 15。
Meeting made some achievements in the "off Europe" and European defense integration negotiations the two issues, but in the euro zone reform failed to gather enough consensus。 Analysts believe that, regardless of how this progress, the future of the European Union on these issues are facing difficulties or uncertainties。
  The second stage is turned "off Europe," the 27 EU leaders to negotiate other than the United Kingdom announced on the 15th, the first phase of the negotiations the British "off Europe" has "breakup fee", the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland Britain, civil rights and other core issues made "enough progress", you can turn on the second phase of negotiations。
This is considered the greatest achievement of the summit。   The second phase of the negotiations will focus mainly British "off Europe transitional period" and the future relationship between Britain and Europe。
Analysts believe that marked the end of the first phase of the negotiations "off Europe" talks into the deep water, these two sides will focus Britain and Europe, and the first stage has not yet completed negotiations continue to expand the depth of the game, the greater difficulty of the negotiations。
  Italian Prime Minister really Di Luoni said the first phase of the negotiations has left the "tail", including Ireland and Northern Ireland signed agreements in various fields, as well as international agreements with the EU concerning the participation of the United Kingdom, so the next negotiations will " very difficult"。
  Arrangements for "off-European transitional period", a next phase of the European Secretariat of the Council to the Council on the 15th, "Negotiating Guidelines" provisions of the current EU management, budgeting, supervision, judicial and other rules and regulations will continue to apply in the UK , including the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice。 The British "off Europe" hardliners previously declared many times, not only to the European Union to pay the United Kingdom also accept the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice。
It is anticipated that on this issue, the two sides next game will be more intense。
  Britain and Europe about the future relationship between the two sides will enter into a comprehensive economic trade agreement, "Canadian model" and to join the European Economic Area, "Norwegian model" based clash。
  Brussels European and Global Economic Research Institute deputy director Maria Demoqisi that the "Canadian model" does not meet expectations "off Europe" in Britain, because this model does not provide a license for the British EU financial institutions; and the "Norwegian model" although the UK can meet most needs, including the provision of EU licenses to financial institutions, but need the British to accept a unified market, free movement of persons。
However, according to British officials, the above-mentioned modes do not apply to the United Kingdom, Britain and Europe need to tailor。 This undoubtedly increased the difficulty of the negotiations。
  "Permanent structured cooperation," the official launch of the first day of the summit, the 25 EU countries except Britain, Denmark, Malta held a launching ceremony to carry out the field of defense "permanent structured cooperation"。   In the future, 25 countries will jointly develop defense capabilities, defense investment projects and the deployment of military action。 25 countries 17 projects have been submitted list shows, they will cooperate in military training, network security, logistical support, and disaster relief and other strategic command。 The European Commission set up a total of 5.5 billion euros of European defense fund to provide financial support for the project。
  Start "permanent structured cooperation" marks the EU has taken a key step towards closer defense cooperation。
The Council of Europe main Xitusike commented that this is an important achievement since only a handful of half a century of progress made in the construction of European defense。
  NATO European defense integration in the past has been suppressed, but this time for "permanent structured cooperation" expressed support。 The summit was attended by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said, "Welcome to Europe a stronger defense," and stressed that the EU and NATO defense construction are complementary rather than competitive relationship。   Analysts believe that the "permanent structured cooperation" contribute its fair share of the trans-Atlantic military ally, to solve NATO's top priority, but the development of EU military capabilities does not mean to replace NATO, the European prospects from the United States and NATO to achieve self-defense is still very vague。   Director of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Foundation Center for European Tomas Walaxieke believes that cooperation under the framework of "permanent structured cooperation" does not mean that every country will participate in all projects, so from an improved defense in Europe the goal is still some distance, maximum utility of the framework at this stage is that the EU countries to increase investment in defense。   Eurozone reform uncertainty in the second day of the summit, leaders of the 27 EU countries except Britain also discussed the euro zone reform plan, but failed to achieve results。
  Tusk said the euro zone finance ministers over the next six months will continue to discuss areas of disagreement minimum, committed to the current "European stability mechanism" to the "European Monetary Fund" extended to provide support for the stability of the euro。
  German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Make Long day at a joint press conference that Germany and France will reach a "common position" on the euro zone reform plan before March next year, and hope that euro zone member states next year 19 6 reaching reform of the euro zone "road map" months ago。
  The European Commission 6th of this month released a roadmap for action to deepen the European Economic and Monetary Union and specific measures in the hope to strengthen sovereignty by the assistance fund established during the financial crisis, "European stability mechanism" to have more extensive powers, "EU Monetary Fund" single currency area, while providing more support to member countries in economic difficulties in the。   The road map is supported by the Make Long, Merkel also say positive。 But analysts believe that the road map involved in the EU fiscal affairs, means that the EU's largest economy, Germany, for more funding。 Given the political sensitivity of this issue in Germany, the European Commission's reform program may be blocked。
  In addition, Germany is still stuck in the plight of post-election cabinet, Merkel government is difficult to introduce any major decisions, which also increases the prospects for reform of the euro zone uncertainty。
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