You really waiting for me in front of it in the winter?Waiting for my love letter?    Magic brother says you have such a, in the winter the door, waiting for my love letter。So, I regain the enthusiasm of a heart filled with, as you write, every word such as heart, pen appeal to you。    You know, my world will no longer winter。I forgot the wind, forget the snow, the cold forget the two words。Even forget that he。You laugh, cry for you, for your turns, you lost face。Our oath in the winter breeding, germination in the spring, summer covered branches。If only one step for a long time, really, I'm so careful, sheepishly before the trip, but it turned to winter and。    are you still there?Whether in place, as I wait for you like waiting for close to one another?are you still there?Whether as before condone our oath prosperous unbeaten?Are you still it?I think you must be in the。But almost winter, frost white as snow, my clothes and how much to add, but since the road sparsely cold, beloved slowly!    Today, as you write a love letter。    We love to add a sophisticated look, high-profile, gorgeous and lonely。    Dream had a variety of love, you are one of the most touching。I really want to write a love letter touched even their own, and placed you, touch you slow pace。Long night, let me walk you gradually learned voice, warm my cold heart。    I am a little upset, I can not write with tired between lovers of words。In love before, I still can not lower the knees。I looked up, passers line, laughed at me false modesty。Who knows?Loss turned my eyes down to a crystal, this pool of spring water, just waiting for a person's attention, people do not know, you know it is?There can be a pain somewhere between your heart?If so, who needs!    I'd love to write some sentences happy heart, but no word。It seems that only a busy, busy can not pursue anything, including you。I could not bring myself to stop, to deliberate pursuit。In love before, I was a coward after all。    Today, as you write a love letter。    Kind of insanity shed for our love, devotion, careful and helpless。    I would like this insanity eclipse!Even if the transfer time, your love is willing to pay another woman, even if you bring a pot of wine, in the day in early winter, and I, fireplace and drink。Laughing wave, I can only be who you drink with。Watching you happiness in, not far not near。