Source: nothing to reduce the punishment brokerage China Banking Regulatory System potential。
  According to brokerage China correspondent statistics, as of March 20, the Banking system this year, at least out of 836 tickets, a total of one hundred million yuan confiscated。 Among them, the Banking Bureau out of 319 tickets, worth a total of confiscated billion; Branch Banking out of a total 519 tickets, worth a total of one hundred million yuan confiscated。   It is noteworthy that, in the 836 tickets, there is a more than 100 million yuan in fines, eight more than 10 million yuan in fines, 58 more than 1 million yuan in fines。   From the point of view the number of tickets ,, the Postal Savings Bank, the largest number of tickets is received three banks。   Agricultural Bank of China Postal Savings bank to receive a ticket to the big banks to remove the Branch Banking employees to open a ticket this year, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Postal Savings Bank, Agricultural Bank received the largest number of the Banking System (Banking Bureau, Branch Banking) ticket, respectively He received 53, 49, 43 tickets。
  From the Banking Bureau this year out of the ticket point of view, there are two banks so far this year has received more than 30 tickets, respectively, the Postal Savings Bank and Industrial and Commercial Bank。 Postal Savings Bank received the most tickets for 31, followed by Industrial and Commercial Bank 30。
In addition, there are six banks Banking Bureau received more than 10 tickets。
Agricultural Bank of China received 24 tickets, received 17 tickets, and Shaanxi Province Rural Credit Cooperatives receive 12 tickets each, and Chang'an District Rural Credit Cooperative Union each receive 10 tickets。   Banking Bureau received the most tickets of the Postal Savings Bank, received a total of 31 tickets。
Each of which branches out to be a total of 16 tickets, worth a total of forfeited million, the maximum amount of a single ticket for the 85.5 million yuan; the staff is out of a total of 15 tickets, Wenchang Road Postal Savings Bank branch in Wuwei City, Wang Jianzhong was sentenced to life prohibited from engaging in banking。   Among them, the Agricultural Bank and Branch Banking Banking Bureau is out of the ticket total amount of 15.88 million yuan confiscated。
Agricultural Bank of each of the branches to be open a total of 20 tickets out of the Banking Bureau, forfeited worth a total of 8.05 million yuan, the maximum amount of a single ticket is 100 yuan; to be out 19 tickets Branch Banking, forfeited worth a total of 7.83 million yuan, a single ticket maximum amount of 100 million。
  According to brokerage China correspondent statistics, around and Branch Banking Banking Bureau opened this year, at least 836 tickets。 Among them, a more than 100 million yuan in fines, eight more than 10 million yuan in fines, 58 more than 1 million yuan in fines, above ten million tickets and one million tickets in total amount confiscated million, while the amount of the fine leaflets up to 461.75 million yuan。   More than 1 million yuan in fines 58, there is a one hundred million tickets, there are eight ten million tickets, 15 more than 500 million tickets, 2 million and less than a total of 25 tickets。
In terms of time, ten million tickets concentrated in January。
  Chao from 8 million ticket point of view, the most fined for violating the rules of prudent operation, there are four tickets。 In the 58 million tickets Zhang Chao, there are 25 related to the subject of penalty violates the rules of prudent operation。
  Up to million tickets, the Department of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank branch in Chengdu, Sichuan out by the Banking Bureau。
It is understood that Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Chengdu Branch is to cover bad loans, by making up false applications, the spin-off of credit, ultra vires and other techniques, illegal handling credit, industry, finance, letters of credit and factoring business to business credit shell 775 1493 billion, in exchange for investment related businesses bear the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Chengdu branch of non-performing loans。 This statement by bad assets maneuvers, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Chengdu Branch appeared in long-term "zero bad" illusion of prosperity。
  In addition to a fine of one hundred million yuan Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Chengdu branch, while tickets for the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Chengdu Branch is responsible for the former president, two vice president, a branch president of a people and departments were given a lifetime ban from engaging in banking work, cancel qualifications of senior management personnel, warnings and fines。   Strict financial regulation continued, this year, as an administrative violation of the relevant bank official or employee, were opened a lot of ticket。   Brokerage China correspondent statistics show that this year is all over Branch Banking Banking Bureau and the removal of bank directors and senior managerial personnel of the ticket are 48, out of 15 banking regulatory bureau tickets, Branch Banking out of 33 tickets。   In addition, there are 10 bank employees were sentenced to a lifetime ban engaging in banking operations, and another three people were sentenced to only 15 years in the banking industry work ban。   It is worth noting that the above 48 tickets, six people a lifetime to cancel directors, officers qualifications, two people banned Dong high qualification of 15 years, three high qualifications of directors banned for 10 years; in addition to 37 people faced with high qualifications ranging from Dong 1 year to 5 years was canceled。
  From the Banking Bureau of view out of the ticket, brokerage Chinese reporter Statistics found that in the punishment of 15 banned banking or cancel Dong high qualifications ticket cause of action in violation of the rules of prudent operation up to as many as nine; suspected illegal accounts and high interest Lanchu, there are two; alleged breach of handling credit business, including pre-lending investigation due diligence and post-loan management and other cases were not two; there are irregularities involving unauthorized modification of contracts and allegedly provided cash management services revenue false material each one。   From Branch Banking out of the ticket point of view, this year there are at least 27 employees from the bank because the bank is a ticket violations, either when the bank's leadership bears direct responsibility, leadership, handling responsibility, responsibility is to monitor sanctions。
  Specifically, the main local agricultural businesses, rural banks, responsible for leading any time Rural Credit Cooperative Union, the need for savings and loan banks appear within any non-compliance, internal control oversight, industry and other irregularities be accountable; the main results of the punishment warning。
Of these, 11 people were sentenced in charge of 50,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan, ranging from fines, as well as a three-year ban bankers fined。   Since 2017, regulatory stressed that adhering to double accountability, strengthen the executive responsibility; adhere to the "case three questions," the occurrence of cases, and resolutely accountable managers, and the relevant person in charge; implement the "Three questions a risk "the risk of strict punishment business sponsors, business people and institutions responsible for approval。
  At the same time, promote the establishment of bank employees blacklist system for serious violation of discipline, was expelled from the organization responsible personnel, should be blacklisted, the implementation of industry banned, to prevent the flow of executives sick, promoted。
From the dynamic local administrative penalties Branch Banking point of view, to strengthen the regulatory requirements of "accountability to the people," Mr. Liu also be accountable when he was in the leadership tenure, has been rolled out in Hunan, Sichuan, Yunnan, Henan Four。