In this case, the CBRC will play starting the year, "head shot", published a series of "commercial bank equity Interim Measures," "large exposures commercial bank management approach", "commercial banks entrusted loan management approach" and other regulatory documents to strengthen violation of terms of major shareholder, regulatory and other business channel。
Subsequently, the official has issued "on the further deepening of banking regulation market chaos" and this year the focus of the regulatory requirements and refinement。   Specifically, the CBRC in 2018 will focus on the improvement of corporate governance is not perfect, in violation of macro-control policies, the shadow banking risks and cross-financial products, such as the eight consumer rights against financial problems。   For example, the official repeatedly for "naming" of corporate governance issues, the New Deal regulation directed at illegal use of non-owned capital shares, shares held on behalf of, the abuse of shareholders' rights harm the interests of banks and other chaos, requiring the same investment and other related parties, acting the number of people shares of commercial banks as a major shareholder not more than two, or a commercial bank may control more than one, in order to prevent the shareholders' emptied bank "。
  As another example, following the Central Economic Work Conference "to promote the formation of financial and economic, financial and real estate, internal entity of the financial system virtuous circle" the spirit of the CBRC relevant agencies shall not violate the credit policy and real estate policy; within the financial system, it is clear not illegal to carry out the industry, finance, balance sheet and four business cooperation, leading to the shadow banking risks and cross-financial products。
  The continued strong supervision, have not fared well in recent years, the banking industry will suffered another blow?Analysts believe that, despite the short-term external table banking business scale growth will be affected, but in terms of asset quality and long-term industry turns for the better and improved growth performance is not expected to change。
  CICC researcher Zhang pointed out that the handsome, in fact, the existing regulatory policy has covered most of the foreign banks' balance sheets and sheet business, effectively compensate for the regulatory gaps。
Future regulatory measures will be "strong" in the policy to ensure that the stock of landing, rather than the introduction of a huge impact on the bank's balance sheet policy。   The CBRC has also sent this "assurance" that regulators work to grasp the "stability" and "into" relationship。
On the bottom line to hold the financial system is no risk of occurrence wanted stability in the illegal disposal problem, a progressive on major cases and high-risk events; Striving to resolve on the stock of risk, risk containment in incremental improvement, reasonable grasp the intensity and rhythm, set aside space policy, the implementation of the new from the old, in order to resolutely prevent the "risk disposal risk."。