For strength and innovation in the field of MEMS sensors Bosch, we see, for a long time has maintained its position as the global leader in sales and incremental。 Bosch Group automotive and industrial technology, energy and consumer goods and building technology business segments serving the global market, covering 60 countries worldwide, more than 400,000 employees, 280 manufacturing base, 2017 sales of 78 billion EUR。 Mr. President Bo Barry BoschSensortec Asia Pacific introduces the latest business conditions in Munich Shanghai Electronics Show press conference。 Mr. Barry Bo BoschSensortecMEMS overall responsibility for product areas, Mr. President BoschSensortec RalfSchellin Asia-Pacific region in China, Bosch has 62 companies, from 2011 to 2016, total Chinese investment of nearly 22.9 billion yuan, China the number of employees reached nearly 59,000。
To strengthen the capacity of indigenous innovation, the establishment of 36 production base, which includes 21 auto-related production base, as well as 22 R & D center, which includes 12 automotive-related R & D center, there are more than 6300 R & D staff in China。
Has such strength and innovation of Bosch, the mobile phone as the representative of the consumer electronics market MEMS price war in full swing when Bosch also have enough "upgrade" the reason, will look wearable, AR / VR, and other emerging more room to grow market, to develop new, more challenging difficulty of MEMS products, upgrades to the embedded software and algorithms, integrated sensor combination of the overall solution, customized things actuator and sensor solutions Watch user pain points, to lead the future of perceiving the world。 In the 2018 Munich Shanghai Electronics Show, BoschSensortec show three new core product portfolio that is used for ultra-low power accelerometer BMA400 wearable devices and the Internet of Things, to enhance and virtual reality, high-performance inertial measurement unit (IMU ) BMI085, and a virtual IoT projection interactive user interface module。 These ideas will help engineers and designers meet these challenges positive, to achieve the transformation of innovation, which is to create a truly smarter to lay the cornerstone of the world。
BoschSensortec show three new core product portfolio。