Social media, were labeled as a "testator old anti-daughter-in-law," the topic is hot。
According to Shanghai China will publish a White Paper Library (2013-2017 years) data show that anti-daughter-in-law% of older people choose "Chinese template library will" in terms of。 Provisions heirs inherited the property in a will are personal property, jointly owned property does not belong to it。 For a more realistic look "deal with heritage" approach, the public opinion is mixed。 The joy is that "legacy" inherited can be properly handled, the more assured of themselves to reliable; the worry is that "daughter-in-law" has been living into the ranks of the outsiders。
The so-called "recombinant family" or difficult to escape, "two words" fate。
Of course, the reason why there is anti-choice% of the elderly daughter-in-law clause "China will library templates" in the biggest driving factor because "the high divorce rate."。 Frankly, as long as the parents and children of family harmony, heritage perhaps not a big problem。
But if the sons and daughters of marital instability, the next best thing parents will naturally select legacy to their children, rather than be allocated according to the average family unit。 However, such a reality when placed in front of a lot of "daughter-in-law" a little feeling very hurt。 Indeed, some people think that this kind of "preparedness will" defeat the marriage is the last straw。
But these people's grievances and pessimistic, but forgot to restructuring the family itself should not be for the benefit and interest for the heritage and legacy。 In fact, the real parents living wills neutral, mostly property more generous family。
For the average family, the property is relatively simple, most parents are no such worries。 This is the number of samples stored between 5 years, a total of 80,000 copies can also see that the library from Shanghai China will advance to the testator's elderly are not the majority。
Now, most of this is not, this should not be overstated, "preparedness will" harm。 Frankly, the so-called straw brutal destruction of marriage, but in reality it is emotional magic obscenity。 Generally if you can clarify the nature of marriage and the family, will not easily believe that "the old man testator anti-daughter-in-law" of behavioral problems。
Should the issue will be rolled out this point of view, the elderly prepare for the breakdown of the marriage only after the property, "the flow of injustice" rather than to war against their own daughter or son。 Should the children of the marriage and harmonious family for a long time, so-called "defense will" just a form, to finally belong to the "daughter-in-law," "son and daughter", how can this so-called rejection of it?I even think that there is really such a mood sour grapes "daughter-in-law" because the bones are not confident of their marriage, or their family grudge against her, or else how would care so much about such a "preparedness will"。
From this logic, generating such "guard will" not from the old drive unilaterally。
A kind of "self-protection behavior," but rather as the distribution of benefits "restructuring family", and made。 And this psychological self-protection, in fact, has been integrated into every home。
Whether elderly or children, they are more or less have this awareness。
From the genetic terms, this is nothing wrong。
For those who always put "daughter-in-law as an outsider," as everyone happy in terms of people, in fact, just to see their rights in the reorganization of the family, but did not see himself in the reorganization of family obligations。 After all, they do not get all like to pay dividends, this logic itself is very unreasonable。
Often we see some "wife", complaining about her husband's family for their own good that her husband's family regard themselves as outsiders。 We recognize that there are indeed some people compare her husband's family is not unreasonable。
But I also believe that, compared to the recognition of identity, Care of coexistence and understanding, is the reorganization of the family in need of temperament。
Compared to "wife", "son" is relatively better, because Traditionally, the law generally does not involve property may inherit the father at home, which will allow the "son" becomes less hostility。 Of course, now the property of inheritance, most still dominated with his son, daughter most difficult to get right of inheritance。 However, in the eyes of some sensible parents, who for their own good, who sincerely pension, who finally gave allocate some more。
Such as those for the elderly, "the old man testator anti-daughter-in-law," in fact, be thought more open, the more advanced the concept of a group of people。 In a sense, the "preparedness will" be a more equitable way。 The more afraid to broach the reality of people talk about money, the more hearts full of utilitarian; the more courage to calmly face the reality of the people, in order to be respected in the face of friendship。 As a "son or daughter", it is not have no inheritance rights, but to understand his reason for entering the reorganization of the family, in the end why?Because, in the family among the relatively "son or daughter" is it not "son or daughter", this time how would you judge the other's identity recognized it?Each wife is the daughter, every son is a son, this "double identity" who will continue to exist, why tangled in which, considered a rejection of their own。
For as the elderly, although not directly to the property to "son or daughter", but as long as the children of a happy family, "son or daughter" will naturally blessed, but also to enjoy the legacy of the corresponding benefits that are actually supporting rather than isolated。 Even under such rules carry so clear, but also allow more and more reflect the value of marriage from my values, rather than rely on the value of。
As a "son or daughter", with its emphasis on recognition of their identity, finding a succession charity, not as wonderful live on their own, to make their own recognition。
Only in this way, so-called outsider status, in order to gradually erase the so-called preparedness of the heart, can no longer anxiety。 Everyone is not utilitarian, naturally, there is no alert。 Frankly speaking, should the high "son or daughter" is worth, there would be no such alert consciousness。
In the final analysis, alert heart to heart just utilitarian preparedness, in this sense, the old man's "preparedness will" what is wrong with it?Original articles, declined reproduced, starting micro-channel public number: qingnianxuejia。