US stock market center: Exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after-hours, ETF, warrants night network real-time quotes, nightlife net stocks GMT 10 hearing now, the Korean families are ushering in a pickle lack of winter – because of drought and heavy rains, etc. disaster, the country's vegetable harvest this year greatly affected。  Now, the traditional Korean pickled season has begun, people are ready to accompany them concocted a whole winter kimchi, and the market, turnip and cabbage prices are rising。The source said that not only vegetables, even chili, garlic, onion and salt and other spices, there have been shortages。  Due to bad weather conditions, harvest collective farms roughly halved, every family ration quota was significantly lower than last year, so that people worried。  "In Chongjin water Nanhe market, one kilogram of Chinese cabbage has now been sold to 3,000 Korean won (0.35 dollars), 1,000 yuan more expensive than before。Radish prices rose 500 yuan, but this way, the sales pace is still very alarming。"The source added," If people see someone catch a mule radish and cabbage carts pass by, we will catch up to, immediately offered a higher price to buy, for public quarrel。"" August, Hamgyong a large number of vegetable and vegetable section of Two Rivers Road have suffered extreme rainstorm attack, leading to crop failure。"She said," So, this year, many families had to abandon pickles。"People have been too busy southern tip of the peninsula, while the northern end of man only concerns the central government decided to give priority supply Rason region, where heavy rain disaster is particularly serious, while the rest of the residents, even now even a cabbage trees did not get。Farmers are forced to command the military bases and vegetables infested areas, to supply their own pickles, these people have been very worried。  Sources said the North Korean winter, kimchi is essential staple food, people are already fears of possible comprehensive hungry。  For an ordinary family of four, in which pickled season, also requires a minimum 350 kg and 200 kg cabbage turnip。To these pickled cabbage and radish, but also three kilograms and 18 kilograms of garlic salt。In general, all these pickles raw materials only need to pay about 150 yuan can buy, but this year, an estimated 3 million to use, and even if the money may not be able to buy。(Zijin)