Gradually the night came, a little head pops up dew。Only the night before made him feel safe, dew think they are timid, afraid to meet the sun, only to reveal his thoughts at night。Caojian dew borne on a grass, stood unsteadily, could be shaken off accidentally into the soil and pieces。  The moon slowly rising to the dark night covered with a hazy veil, dew think this night is like a bride to be married: beautiful。A meter away from the dew have a moonlight flower petals stretch at the moment is quietly blooming, white flowers that ah, touched the hearts of the dew。Qinxiang that is so unable to resist dew, dew convinced that: only a bloom time, he fell in love with moonflower tis one meter outside。  Dew with humble attitude looking up at the moon flowers, she can look forward to own one。But moonflower arrogant head held high, facing the moon, her heart filled with the moon, even though that love is out of reach, even though this is just wishful thinking, moonflower just want a night with the moon, looking。  Late at night, dew feel so cool, but he never stopped looking, because he knew that after dawn, sunlight it will evaporate this, you will not see the beloved moonflower。Moonflower also look up to her because after dawn soon fade, never going to look beautiful youth。  A gust of wind blowing, dew stop shaking, are looking forward to the wind a little big longer, it will be asked to moonlight spent on flowers。Dew dizzy head was shaking, tears all shake out, but from the moonflower is still within easy reach if the End of the World, dew thought: what could be more painful than this yet so far away?The wind stopped, the dew is still hovering Cao Jian, and moonlight perianth the wind dropped his head, which means she can no longer look up to the moon。Moonflower whispered began sobbing, tears dripping crystal on the grass, salty Sese, and dew lumped together。Dew finally saw the face of the moon flower: it is as tender and beautiful as Furongchushui, and if like pear rain arouses pity。But her eyes ah, did not look toward its own direction, this will be looked into her face may well be sufficient。    In this way the dew did not sleep all night, watching the moonlight spent crying tired to sleep Juanjuan。When the eastern sky gradually brightened。Dew heart bursts bleak: So, looking even have become a luxury。The first ray of sunshine in the morning dew will shine the bright lights, moonflower could not help but glance at the moment she realized that he quietly waited at the side。The sun has become more and more intense, and finally could not withstand the dew from Caojian evaporation rose in the air at that moment to leave he saw moonflower fundus of sadness: belated love that has not had time to tell, is far thousands of miles across the。Dew rose into the air, a look Review: Moonlight spent flowers promptly curled up into a withered flowers: So no one care of the flowers are so fragile。    Dew sub-air meditation: if the next life, but let me meet you。Next life I would like to make a drop of rain, dripping in your heart, not asking you to love me, just want you to know I love you!