"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night Sports Network June 21 report: Beijing June 21 evening 20:00, 2018 Russia World Cup?Group will usher in a focus of the war, both sides against the Danish team and the Australian team。The game, two teams mentality is not the same party is to strive ahead of qualifying, while the other is the desire to retain promotion hopes。History does not record the two teams clash in the World Cup history。Friendly match, the two teams have played against three times, Denmark 2-1。World Cup, Australia 8 times against the European team's record to 1-1 draws, 6 losses, winning only 25% probability。The recent performance of the first round of group matches, Denmark beat Peru 1-0。Although the court is not an advantage, but the Danes have enough experience, good collapse of the Peruvian repeated attacks。As for the Australian team, they are the favorites lost to France in the last game, the score was 1-2。Game Aspect Aspect One: Denmark hope ahead of qualifying Currently, Denmark and France have achieved victory。The final round of group matches, Denmark and France meet。So, they can only qualifying hopes in the Australian game。In terms of strength and FIFA rankings, Denmark is better than Australia。Denmark is known as Viking said, they have a strong body and a strict discipline。Eriksson's midfield scheduling is very good, he is also the team's key to victory or defeat。Aspect Two: Can survived Socceroos?The game against France, Australia played not bad, and once they are present at the surface evenly divided France。If it were to rely on penalty VAR, the French can beat Australia to be really hard to say。Australian players under pressure is very strong, and can deal with the opponents at a disadvantage in the case of scene。In 2006, Australia and Brazil, Croatia points in the same group, but they still have a way to qualify。This time, the Australians whether another miracle?In Group A, Egypt and Saudi Arabia have been eliminated, while Australia and they obviously do not want the same out ahead in the game after two。Aspect Three: small Schmeichel continue hanging open? Opener, small Schmeichel definitely win the biggest player in Denmark。On the scene, a disadvantage Denmark, Peru's offensive wave after wave。However, in front of the small Danish Schmeichel like a wall of large wall, the Peruvian's shot turned away all。Match, small Schmeichel made six key saves to preserve the clean sheet。At the same time, he created a record of zero seal the game for five consecutive national team, ahead of his father, Peter – Schmeichel four games。1998 World Cup every year, Peter – Peter Schmeichel had single-game saves nine。Tonight, the small Schmeichel could rewrite the record daddy again?We expected starting teams: Denmark: 1- Schmeichel / 17- Sitelige, 6- Christensen, 4 Kjaer, high Dalles 14- / 19- Schon, 8- Delaney , Erickson 10- / 23- Sisto, 9 Jorgensen, Paulson Australia 20: 1- Matthew – Ryan / 16 Bi Yiqi, 5- Milligan, 20 Cheyenne Salisbury, 19 Wriston / 13- muy, 23-Rokeach, 15 yedi ng, 10 Cruise / 9- Ulrich, 7 Leckie