"No matter what I lost, what was taken away, I will get back。
"Dwight – Howard offseason declaration every night will be echoed in his ears, but also incentive teammates into power forward。
Hornets and Nets game at halftime, the Hornets captains one bowed his head toward the locker room, his face conceal his feelings of loss。
For the playoffs even though they may exist only in theory, but still the team everyone will try to win every game。
Can score icy 43-62 at halftime, they lag behind sits at home in the Nets nearly 20 points behind, we have lost control of the situation。
Dwight – Howard as a team veteran, changed the past the attitude of people into the embodiment of chicken soup to encourage his teammates: the game is not over yet, believe in yourself, we still have enough time。
At the beginning of the second half, Dwight – Howard took the lead in the basket with continuous strong offensive teammates to convey attitude。 He spent a great deal of effort to go to a deep position, bite the bullet hit the ball inside。 Nets inside face of several players, he returned to the body as if ten years ago, long jump, he would not stop。
Dwight – Howard is still trying, but he seemed to sweat sank。 No narrow points difference, 59-82, as many as 23 points behind them a。
Howard began to tired, breathing heavily, knees pestle。
At this time, God patted Howard's shoulder, wiped sweat from his forehead, and as he put on that piece Superman cape a decade ago。 Howard aspire to be super center to his heart as his lifelong pursuit of self-attack to destroy opponents。 Ball, turned, faced double teams, firmly hit。
Points difference at this time, it is no longer so far away。 100-103, points difference only three points。
The key bout, Kemba – Walker the ball to forty-five degrees to the position of Dwight – Howard, the team kicked watching Howard singles。 This is a dream for many years Howard's offensive way, he lowered the center, Yingkang the two, then quickly turned back a ball into the basket。
Dwight – Howard once possessions, a rebounds, led his teammates to regain confidence, and slowly eat away at the Nets lead until the score reversed。
With Dan Jiluo – Russell no breakthrough, the Howard taking away the last rebound of the whole game, 30 rebounds personal。
The final whistle, 111-105, Hornets complete shaking reversal in the case of the Nets trailed by 23 points, gain a proud victory。
Dwight – Howard rallying waved, to meet with his teammates celebrated, Frank – Kaminski hugged him as if the playoffs to win the life and death decision belongs to the same blood boiling。
The audience played 34 minutes, shot 10 of 17, scored 32 points and 30 rebounds, Dwight – Howard contributed a season-best, he created a lot of records: 32-year-old Howard to 104 days of age, becoming gains 30+ among the 30 oldest player。 He Hornets career six times to get 20 or more rebounds, the first in team history。
30 rebounds and the Hornets history to break the record, but also created a Dwight – Howard individual single-game rebounding record。
He became the ninth player in history to do this achievement, the past 30 years, following Kevin – Carrefour after a second person。 For Dwight – Howard's great performances, Kevin – Carrefour sent congratulations on Twitter generous: "Congratulations to Howard to become the new Mr. 30 + 30, a very exciting game!!!"November 12, 2010, Kevin – Carrefour on behalf of Minnesota's game against the Knicks with 31 points and 31 rebounds to hand over。 As active players in the only two players to get this data, perhaps only he can truly feel excited to get behind this data and easy。 After the game, Dwight – Howard grin standing on the sidelines waiting for media interviews。
When a reporter asked him close to 30 + 30 whether the data when he became nervous, Howard, do not forget to laugh at something: When I get 29 rebounds, I told Quincy – Essy said: "I'm not a selfish guy, but if so I have a chance at a chance to rebounds, please do not foul me。
"Then I really got, so as I said, I am very grateful。
Dude, really hard tonight, but I'm grateful。
Excitement, hard, grateful that Howard repeated word mouth。
22-year-old World of Warcraft did not do the things 32-year-old Howard did。 This makes us think that some thing of the past should not be forgotten。 Mid-2004, 19-year-old Howard。 He became the following LeBron – James's high school draft pick and a future of unlimited possibilities。
In 2007, 22-year-old Howard。 His first career playoffs, losing to the east crack the piston, but the magic is willing to offer his five-year $ 85 million big contract, he will be regarded as the team's future。 In 2009, 24-year-old Howard。
He weaving endless meshes to help the Magic blazing over the basket, Finals。 Howard fame, became a deadly opponent Warcraft。 2013, 28-year-old Howard。 Bid farewell to Orlando, he went to Los Angeles to get a life Warcraft fifth in rebounding, but in the turbulent chaos of the year, he was eventually able to escape saddled with infamy and ridicule had to leave the fate of。
The next few years, Howard seems to be experiencing the same thing。
He became singles, with the rocket broke up so much noise, panic exit。 Howard joined the Eagles received a nice start, but in the hope of gradually become a marginal figure in 布登霍尔泽 Shoudexia Hawks in……More cruel is that he no longer has the expectations of the fans。
Injuries, stubborn, technical shortcomings imprisoned possible take-off of Warcraft。
After joining the Charlotte Hornets, the famous magazine "Sports Illustrated" for Dwight – Howard did interview。 Howard wants to use this platform for fans to see him get back self-determination, and he firmly uttered the classic phrase: "No matter what I lost, what was taken away, I will get back。 "Ten years, he did not have much technical sophistication, but his body had not been back。 What did he do to regain?He can recapture what is to?But God closes a door for him, but also opened a window for him。 Dwight – Howard lost the aura and attention, but also let him lucky to get out from the center to talk about the fans, the moment he no longer bear the people's accusations and pressure。
For Howard, this is a great environment rebirth。
In people's concerns in a loss, Dwight – Howard opened the season with a self-certification of the action。
December 14, 2017, to face former team rocket, Howard got 26 points and 18 rebounds; while the position of the rising popularity of "kahuang" Capela, only 9 points and 11 rebounds。 January 16, 2018, against Detroit, Howard mad to take 21 points and 17 rebounds and four blocked shots to rule the paint, and rebounding madman "Drummond" Drummond scored just 3 points and 10 rebounds。 January 25, 2018, against the pelicans, Howard 22 points and 16 rebounds and 3 blocked shots, hit 16 shots eyebrows brother 7 and 16 points and eight turnovers test God disgraced。
March 7, 2018, the face of 76, Howard got 30 points, six rebounds and three blocked shots striking terror into the basket, compared to "the Great" En Bide only 18 points, five rebounds and four assists, bleak。
Big Data era, more and more gains can post player terror data, animal title after another, over time, World of Warcraft's name is no longer loud。
But only when the tide faded, before we know who is swimming naked。 In the eyes of many people already bid farewell to the ranks of the top center Dwight – Howard, like standing in front of their idols in the mountains, motionless, so that people underestimate the ability of Howard to shame shame。 Probably, this is Dwight – Howard wants to recapture something – who long ago lost respect and recognition。
He just wanted to tell the outside world with such efforts to suppress in his heart has long been the voice: the once high-flying Dwight – Howard just lost to injury, with his age, he has never defeated by anyone。 So far the season, Howard averaged minutes played, rebounds and assists and points get blocked shots, hit rate%, free throw rate was the highest in recent years 57%。 Which he averaged rebounds, ranking third in the league; blocked shots, sixth in the league; seventy-two game he gains 44th double-doubles, fourth in the league。
32-year-old Dwight – Howard is still a double-double machine, you can always set off waves in the penalty area; he remained outspoken open-minded, he has never hidden his desire for data; he is still a boy laughing in front of the camera does not care that exposed a mouthful of white teeth, so that air is filled with cheerful and relaxed。 Compared with a decade ago, World of Warcraft, in addition to the body of the shirt fades from blue, as if everything had not been changed。 Dwight – Howard never cater to others to change anything, he was still doing his own firm。
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