Baidu autopilot technical director Tao Ji Jieshao, Beijing autopilot test points T1 to T5 five ability levels, Baidu to receive the license of five vehicles through the T3 capacity rating, can carry out the test in the corresponding ability level road vehicle。
Currently autonomous vehicle equipped with a camera, in-vehicle display device and GPS positioning system, the use of high-precision map, to achieve 360-degree monitoring of the vehicle is calculated by a variety of device configurations and location status。
  To ensure traffic safety, road test all at the outside of the rings, avoid residential areas, offices, hospitals, schools and other high traffic areas of intense traffic flow。
Are installed on the road test is a clear indication of automatic driving tests road identification, automatic driving test vehicles are also unified by placing a prominent auto pilot test to identify the body, to facilitate public recognition。
At the same time, Beijing has also identified its first closed beta field – "national intelligence and wisdom automobile traffic (Beijing and Hebei) demonstration base in Haidian district," test field covering about 200 acres, encompasses a variety of road types urban, rural, etc.。   It is understood that all applications automatically driving road test of autonomous vehicles to be tested by the ability to close games daily training and the appropriate level of more than 5,000 kilometers of assessment, only reached a certain level of competence and be able to apply for a road test vehicle safety through technical inspection。
Test pilot training and training required to pass less than 50 hours, can at any time take over the autonomous vehicles。