Before March 17 news pieces Institute founding dean He Xiaofei after leaving selecting a business, it's unmanned truck codenamed "Flying step", has entered the stage road test。 He Xiaofei Zhejiang university professors, Ph.D., senior vice president of travel and pieces before, Institute founding dean, department head of large data, is also responsible for founding drops drone project。
He Xiaofei mid-2015 to join the trip by bit, by bit as the travel platform core trading engine responsible for leading the design and development of the carpool, dynamic price adjustment, order allocation, scheduling capacity, thermodynamic diagram, supply and demand forecasts, smart subsidies, ETA, path planning, etc. project to provide technical support to the various business lines and pieces。 It is reported that He Xiaofei claiming she chose pieces actually come to "do business"。 He said that in the past 10 years, Chinese academia and industry in general, is isolated。 But in the US, this atmosphere is not the same, not a pure research sense of many American colleges and universities to solve the problem, but directly to address the needs of industry, industry and industry and promote each other, it is to select pieces of artificial intelligence and practical the combination of travel problems。
Therefore, He Xiaofei in office actively promote direct cooperation between the drops and universities, launched the "cutting-edge plan" for graduate students, doctoral particularly good artificial intelligence algorithms based on, and pieces will be given a special green channel。 It is reported that, after leaving Professor He Xiaofei chose entrepreneurship – unmanned。
Driverless truck is the direction of the current hot, but since the choice of business, you can not avoid former club and compete on the same track。 It is worth mentioning that drops from last year started to increase investment in unmanned operations, not only heavily hired a number of technical personnel, also spent acquired two Silicon Valley start-up companies。