Yangcheng Evening News reporter Fu Yi reports: March 20, deputy director of Guangdong Provincial Department of Culture Chen Hang on the line led Guangdong public voice hotline, online companies are not required to record again, not text network to identify issues such as response。
  It is understood that online game companies has grown rapidly in recent years, Guangzhou online business growth rate is very fast, from more than 700 by the end of 2016 to hold text network card business, by the end of 2017 increased to more than 1,500, but corporate regulatory and business sense but there is no corresponding upgrade。
According to Deputy Director of the comprehensive network of law enforcement at the Administrative Law Enforcement Team Guangzhou Cultural Market Huangjun Xi introduction, in 2017 law enforcement corps law enforcement at the network handled 120 cases Yuzong, fines up to 110 million。 "A lot of young people, mostly online entrepreneurs, legal awareness, management awareness also needs to be strengthened, and even some companies to outsource legal direct, self-regulation is even more inadequate。 Aspects of content management, user feedback, the protection of minors and other enterprises, including self-audit system will be further strengthened。 "Deputy director of the provincial cultural market comprehensive law enforcement bureau Yang Ming Wah expressed regarding outsourcing business law," Interim Measures online game "clearly defined business you want to set a special department, review special management of the online game business behavior。
"Provincial Department of Culture attaches great importance to this one, three training sessions each year, this is a very important means of strengthening corporate governance。
As for outsourcing business law, and not clearly defined, or not, our future will require enterprises to further strengthen efforts in this area。 "。