More than 200 million starter when lifted soon, the BGI (300676.SZ) was real name。Despite its strongly denied, but as of June 27 closing share price reported 101.29 yuan, a drop of 8.28%。And December 29, 2017 closing price of 207.53 yuan compared to six months BGI stock Yizao cut。  June 27, Yangtze Chinese Commercial News reporters Zhi Dianhua and Da Jiyin, the company secretaries office responded that the above statement is the group released, but the day still affect the shares of the company, the follow-up shares of the company will be out a clarification notice, in order to clarify all Notice shall prevail。  Earlier, Nanjing Chang Jian Yu Jia Jiankang Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Nanjing Chang Jian") said the company's real name to the People's Government of Jiangsu Province, BGI pseudo-high-tech flicker of fraud, suspected of bribing officials lied to cover land resources and government finances subsidies。BGI clarification issued a statement saying the network company mentioned in the article "set of state assets lie" and other phrases nonsense。(Recommended reading) Yangtze Chinese Commercial News reporters Shu Lihua and Da Jiyin earnings in 2017 found that the 2017 R & D investment to 1.7.4 billion yuan, down 1.36%。2016 –2017 year after year, a total R & D expenditure of 3 years.5.1 billion yuan, less than two years, the cumulative cost of sales 7.Half of the $ 300 million。  In addition, the announcement shows that from 2014 –2017 years, three years, BGI original book value of intangible assets was almost unchanged, which means that four years no new patent。  Peak before the ban was recently reported real name, real name was Nanjing Chang Jian, said BGI sets lied land resources and government subsidies, etc.。27 morning, BGI statement for the above-mentioned report said, "the National Gene Bank of Jiangsu cell center operations center" in the name of the institution does not exist, private non-enterprise units or other independent social organizations。The Nanjing Chang Jian Yu Jia failing to perform its main contractual obligations, has lifted all partnerships with large Shenzhen Institute of Life Sciences。Terminate the contract period, Nanjing Chang Jian constantly spreading rumors, a large number of Chinese workers have been harassed and even threatened。  In addition, BGI said was not involved in any real estate project in Jiangsu, neither had access to land resources。Mention of BGI sets of state assets lie, chairman of Jian personal slander and disinformation of partners BGI past personal revenge against one that is nonsense and malicious slander。  Genomics said it has taken legal action to pursue its legal responsibility。  In this regard, BGI secretaries office responded that the above statement is the group released, but the day still affect the shares of the company, the follow-up shares of the company will be out of a clarification announcement, all to clarify the notice shall prevail。  1 2017 R & D investment.7.4 billion, down 1.36% from the market at the beginning, voices of doubt have continued BGI。The company said in its announcement to consolidate and enhance the core competitiveness, always attached importance to the research and development of new types of services, the last two years (2016-2017 years) R & D investment accounted for operating income ratio in more than 8%。  However, in mid-2017 showed a profit BGI, BGI 2017 Annual R & D investment to 1.7.4 billion yuan, down 1.36%。Data show that in 2016 –2017 year after year, BGI three-year research and development expenses were 1.7.7 billion yuan and 1.7.4 billion yuan, the cumulative two-year R & D spending of 3.5.1 billion yuan。Over the same period, BGI selling expenses were 3.2.8 billion, 4.0.2 billion yuan, the cumulative cost of 7.300 million yuan。Two years of R & D spending less than half the cost of sales。  2017 annual report, the end of the reporting period, the Company and its wholly-owned or holding subsidiaries have mandated a total of 282 patents, including patents 263, 10 utility model patents, design patents 9; registered trademark owned 366。The core technology patents covering laboratory instruments, sample preparation, sequencing library construction aspects of quality control, bioinformatics analysis and other key technology areas, which the company bioinformatics analysis and other independent software also has made 460 software copyrights, technological advantages are obvious。  Compared with foreign genes industry, the above data are still gaps。US company Illumina's case, its R & D investment in mid-2017 to 5.$ 4.6 billion, accounting for up to 19 R & D investment.84%。See the patents, the Illumina Company in 2017 as the number of applications 240, while there were only 2017 Genomics 8 patent applications。  4 years of original book value of intangible assets was almost unchanged in the prospectus BGI 2014 Year – 2017 hardly changed the original value of intangible assets。  Data show that in 2014 Year – 2017 original book value of intangible assets, respectively 2.2.2 billion 2.25.1 billion yuan, 2.25.3 billion yuan and 2.3.2 billion yuan。  The original value of the accounts for the need to set up the software, patents and non-patent technical value of a statistic, if change data were little changed, it means that the past few years, the company is almost no new research patent。  From the number of R & D point of view, although in recent years the number continues to increase every year, but still a gap compared with their peers。In addition, the annual report in mid-2017, there BGI disclosed patent infringement。Including a subsidiary of the Hong Kong Medical patent infringement, eventually in 2017 to pay the plaintiff is less than 3% of the total profit of the company in 2017 and 2018 –2021 is expected to pay the plaintiff a year lower than the 2017 total profit of the company 1% of the gene can Ascot, Chinese University of Hong Kong signed a settlement agreement。