Yesterday, the market staged a V-reversal, all major indices turned red, and many of the strong trend of breaking the net shares。Brokerage latest research report pointed out that, at the end of 6, A shares of all listed companies in the stock is below the net assets of 209, accounting for all the A-share listed companies of 5.92%, breaking the current record is the net number, net broken at a relatively high ratio is also。  Breaking the net shares may lead punched the value of depression?In the industry view, given the current A-share market investment logic has changed, the traditional investment philosophy fiasco。  The number of high net-breaking innovations, the industry almost "wiped out" hit a year low yesterday morning, but hit three-year low。As the index fell continuously, A shares break the net again camp expansion。  The so-called "breaking the net", referring to the stock price fell below the net asset value per share。Wanlian Securities latest research report shows that its research (net of four is not issued financial reports of listed companies) on the A-share board, small board and GEM 3530 shares, as of June 28, A shares of all listed companies fell breaking the net assets of the stock is 209, accounting for all the a-share listed companies of 5.92%。  It is understood that from the quantitative point of view, the current number of breaking the net shares has exceeded the most important ones in the history of lows, including a large bottom 2013,2008 and 2005。However, the proportion of view, breaking the net current ratio is closer to 2013, compared with 2008 and 2005 there is a certain space。  In the days wind securities opinion, the current market has been in a more pessimistic state, but from the history of the most pessimistic time, there is a certain distance。  Observation broken net distribution industry, a bit "tragic"。From the point of view compared with 2013, the current round of industry involved in breaking the net wider, animal husbandry and fishery and only two computer industry also does not appear the phenomenon of breaking the net, including the media, electronics, communications, food and beverage, leisure services such as partial growth of the industry, there have been broken net phenomenon。Among them, manufacturing, financial services, utilities, real estate and transportation occupy the top five in the number of shares broken net。  The subject of mixed fish heads, small stocks play a key role is widely believed that, from the historical data, the market bottom of each round will emerge net stocks break, though broken net tide do not necessarily represent the arrival of the bottom, but the configuration was worth breaking the net shares in increasingly prominent。"Securities" reporter found that the current standing this time node, several brokers have been shouting "broken net incoming tide, breaking the net value of the shares configuration gradually highlighted"。  However, the reporter contacted the person in Shanghai remained cautious, "At present, more than 200 stocks breaking the net, and the absolute number of A shares increased substantially related。In addition, the net stocks break with the past is more than a big, old faces different, small stocks currently play a leading role, the quality is the subject of mixed fish heads。"In fact, according to statistics, breaking the net 100 billion yuan worth of shares in the company to 61.24%, less than 50 billion market value of which is accounted for 32.54%。Tianfeng Securities bluntly, this time breaking the net tide, small and medium capitalization companies large-scale breaking the net, reflecting the company's current operating performance of small and medium pressure economic environment, growth is impaired。In addition, due to the large number of small IPOs in the past two years, coupled with the supervision of the regulators speculation, resulting in the value of housing has shown a significant decline。The company daily turnover dropped to less than 15% of 10 million, which also reflects the market's attention on some small companies lack fundamental support is declining, and at the same time more and more small and medium companies appear in the list of the same broken net。Therefore, breaking the net shares of financial and real estate investment opportunities exist breaking the net shares, part of the consumer industry companies, some cyclical industry leading companies who。  Former chief economist at sea open source Fund Yang Delong also said that from a historical point of view, breaking the net shares, an increase of one yuan shares does mean that the market is extremely low, the reverse may occur, but now the situation has been very different from the past。With tighter regulation, to combat speculation in the wind stock market gradually into the era dominated institutions。Under the concept of "value investing", the priority allocation of funds only high quality stocks, underperformance will be marginalized phenomenon, there have been more than two years, it is difficult to change in future。  This also means that, based on the number of breaking the net shares to judge the stock market "bull and bear" is actually a false proposition。  Related reports