Food hot to eat right you often hear a lot of family elders say, good guess food is hot, cold on the bad, taste awful and hurt the stomach, so food is hot to eat together and do night network to look at the food hot to eat right introduce it!Food hot to eat right you just pan ravioli, pasta, rice and other staple foods, just pan, tarts, cookies and other snacks, hot food for a lot of the time just pan the taste is delicious, if it is cold not good to eat!So, people tend to say that food should be eaten while hot!In fact, many foods hot to eat human damage is more, I do not believe Oh, it is true!Just pan easy to make fast food easily lead to lung disease are generally office workers to eat fast food, fast food just when the pan is placed inside the box, and then was sent to the hands of people buy fast food, fast food this time temperature itself is still high。
Fast food appears to be home cooked food, in fact, it just pan itself when the temperature is too high, the temperature up to 65 degrees Celsius, this temperature is sufficient to snack itself of toxic substances – styrene and dioxin to be released, thereby stimulate the body's lungs, resulting in pulmonary diseases。
Dioxin most harmful foods for pregnant women is to do hot food such harmful substance if ingested pregnant women, the harm is greater, because such substances are poisonous, it will not only appear strange health, but also lead to pregnant women, the unborn fetus malformation, which affects the health of the fetus growth。Direct consumption of just pan of food will hurt the esophagus either bread or biscuits, and then, or is the staple food, vegetable species, just the kind of food once in a pan of hot easily hurt the esophagus。Because these foods in the pan itself just the temperature is high, the human mouth can withstand temperatures usually in the 50-60 degrees Celsius, once the consumption of food temperature exceeds this temperature it will hurt the oral mucosa, when the oral mucosa prone to blisters or peeling phenomenon. in addition, this high-temperature food will burn the esophagus, likely to increase the prevalence of esophageal cancer。